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  2. ABOUT US WHAT IS THE SOCIALENGINEERS One can’t think of building a huge machine without its smallest unit whichisNUTBOLT.That’showyour employees are, the smallest but mostimportant unit of your company. As Nut bolts are an important partofamachineanditmakessure the smooth functioning of a machine similarly employees are that part of the company which makes sure that who company works smoothly. NutBoltis an employee engagement company whose prime focus is to build such specialized activities which will improve the interaction and trust level of employees among their own teammates. Company with a high retention rate it is observed that employee prefer companies which Take care of their mental health also apart from salary. A happy environment is a must for a workplace and team building is a key exercise which helps your employee to gel up with each other and that is key for a higher reten- tion policy. NutBoltunderstand the importance of an employee to their company so we craft special team building in order give them an amazingexperiencewithfunintoit. NUT BOLT? ABOUTUS

  3. ABOUT US "COMING TOGETHER IS A BEGINNING. KEEPING TOGETHER IS PROGRESS. WORKING TOGETHER IS SUCCESS." HENRY FORD WHY BUSINESS NEEDS TEAM BUILDING ACTIVITIES? Teamwork has been at the center stage for many years as far as employee-focused initiatives are concerned and its value in bringing about workplace happiness has remained non-debatable. TEAM BUILDING To pump your employees in an electrifying manner in order to achieve their personal as well as professional goals we help to deliver an amazing experience of Team Building Activities ABOUTUS

  4. OUR SERVICES Activities in these programs are designed to motivate people to pool their talents and perform at their best individually and as team players. Team members discover that diversity is their greatest asset and trust, cooperation and effective communication are the key to a team’s success. Structured activities not only encourage individual development, but bring all members together for a common cause. WHAT TEAM NUTBOLT WILLDELIVER? Our programs provide upbeat and powerful team experiences allowing companies to compete effectively by enabling staff at all corporate levels to work as true team players. ICE BREAKINGACTIVITY It's better to know each other before we will start the main activities. Ice breaking activity is an important part of any good team building activity. We try to keep these activity as simple ones and without props so that whole team can be part of the game. NUT BOLTZONE On/off- Site Activity, Cost efficient where company want to make it happen at their campus or place only. It is useful for companies where work schedule is very tight. NUT BOLTPARK This one is our residential program where we take you to our fix location and you get a chance enjoy fun a thrilling activities at our own arena. We have lot more to offer here then on site activity. It can be a whole day session. OUR SERVICES

  5. OURSERVICES LEADERSHIPACTIVITY Core Team Building These activity are crafted in such way to enhance your employee’s leadership qualities. The activities in this category perfectly reflect the problems faced by participants in their day-to-day work lives. They are not only fun but also help you learn the basic skill of making the most out of the resources available at your disposal rather than cribbing about it. The best part comes at the end when teams have a look of disbelief at the masterpiece they end up creating. OUTBOUND & ADVENTURE ACTIVITIES These activities provide participants with the thrill of unpredictable challenges and unusual obstacles to achieve the final goal. From team relay to theme-based treasure hunts, we’ve got all that it takes for participants to be pushed to the extremes and master their ability to take decisions and work in teams. DRUM CIRCLE A vastly popular activity used by us in team building and employee interaction. It encircles the group with immense energy and enthusiasm. The Drum Circle is easily learnable. Its a fun drumming activity that brings a team together both in synergy and in harmony and is extremely entertaining at the same time. Including such activities can make any conference all the more successful. Activities that require a bigger setup in outdoor spaces are created as per the client's requirement. Games such as Paintball, Human foosball, Big Race. Box Cricket League, Mini Football and etc are included in this category. OUR SERVICES

  6. MEET THE TEAM MEET OUR TRAINERS AJAYSEHRAWAT Withyearsofhostingexperience.His journeystartedfromtherealityshow, Roadies X1 to an emcee, actor, entertainer,VJ,andcorporatetrainer KANISHK TYAGI An anchor , corporate trainer & drum circle facilitatorsince8yearswhohasbeenhostinga multitude of events and team buildingactivities. "Teamworkistheabilitytoworktogethertowardacommonvision.Theabilitytodirectindividual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attainuncommonresults."–AndrewCarnegie MEET THE TEAM



  9. Thanks for Business +91-965488400 @thenutbolt 8