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Marc Chagall

Marc Chagall

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Marc Chagall

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  1. Marc Chagall “I and the Village”

  2. Marc Chagall • Many artists tell stories through their paintings and drawings. • Marc Chagall (pronounced sha gahl) painted stories that make people feel happy when they look at them.

  3. Chagall was born in 1887 in Vitepsk. This is a small Russian—Jewish village. His family was very poor and worked very hard.

  4. Chagall started drawing after he saw a picture a classmate had drawn. • The more Chagall drew, the more he wanted to be an artist. • He begged his mother to take him to an artist’s studio. The artist said that Chagall had talent, so he taught him how to paint.

  5. Fantastic Art • Marc Chagall is famous for his “Fantastic Art” style. “Fantastic Art” is similar to Surrealism because it has a dream-like quality. • It’s a mixture of Cubism and imagination influenced by childhood memories, folklore, and country life. • Can you find some Cubist elements in this work by Chagall?

  6. Here’s some work by Marc Chagall: • Marc often puts pictures of himself and people he cared about in his paintings.

  7. Often the love he had for his wife was the subject of his art.

  8. Many times Marc would put the important pieces at the top of his paintings. Sometimes it looks like they can fly!

  9. Sometimes his work looks like a collage.

  10. I and the Village • This painting is probably one of the best examples of Marc Chagall’s style. • It’s a self portrait—can you tell me what you see in this painting? • What does it say about his life?

  11. Review Question • Marc Chagall’s paintings often had a dreamlike quality. What is that style of art called? • What kinds of objects did you find in Marc Chagall’s paintings? • Who are important people you would put in your own version of I and the Village?