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Employee Service Awards December 1, 2009 PowerPoint Presentation
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Employee Service Awards December 1, 2009

Employee Service Awards December 1, 2009

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Employee Service Awards December 1, 2009

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  1. Employee Service Awards December 1, 2009

  2. Board of County CommissionersEmployee Service Awards • Today’s honorees are recognized for outstanding service and dedication

  3. County AdministrationOffice of Management & Budget

  4. Patria Morales 25 Years • Patria was born in Aibonito, PR, graduated from the University of Puerto Rico and moved to Central Florida in 1984. • She joined Orange County that year in a temporary position in Emergency Management. • Patria was hired as a Clerk-Typist and promoted to Accounting Clerk with the Comptroller’s Office in 1986. • She has been promoted four times within the Office of Management and Budget.

  5. Patria Morales – 25 Years • In 2000, Patria earned her certification as a Government Finance Officer with the Florida Government Finance Office Association. • She was promoted to Grants Coordinator in 2002. • Patria graduated from the OC Leadership Institute in 2009. • She has served on numerous committees, including: Grants Oversight, 3-1-1 Task Force, United Arts, Risk Management, and the Stimulus Funding Group. • Patria was recognized by the Mayor’s Office for saving $10,000 on a county contract for Mobility 20/20. • She is married to Eugenio who works at Utilities and they have two children: Miguel, 17, and Taina, 15. • Her hobbies include: Spending time with her family, music, and just having fun. *

  6. CorrectionsSecurity Operations

  7. Dolores Marie Maggi - 20 Years • Dolores was born on Long Island, NY and moved to Florida in 1989. • She graduated from New York West Babylon High School. • In 1989, she was hired by Orange County to work at Corrections Central Booking. • Dolores has worked in the Main Facility where she won the Customer Service Representative of the Year award.

  8. Dolores Maggi - 20 Years • Dolores was reclassified to Detention Service Officer and has worked at most Corrections facilities, including Central Booking, Main Facility, Booking and Release, Female Detention Center, and Juvenile Detention. • She has one daughter: Christine; and two sons: Thomas and Joseph; along with six grand-children. • In her spare time, Dolores loves gardening, but she enjoys her grandchildren most of all. *

  9. Family ServicesHead Start

  10. Laura Ann Baumgartner - 20 Years • Laura was born in Red Bank, NJ, and moved to Kissimmee in 1982. • She graduated from Middletown High School, Valencia Community College and UCF. • Laura was hired by Orange County as a Senior Teacher with the Enhanced Head Start Program. • She was promoted to Social Worker in 2000. • Laura worked with the special Enhanced Head Start Program for families who did not qualify for the federal program, but were unable to afford child care.

  11. Laura Baumgartner – 20 Years • Laura worked on the emergency response team during the 2004 Hurricanes. • She provided food and water at distribution sites and worked in some the emergency shelters. • Laura has two children: Holly, 16, and Ashley, 14. • In her spare time, Laura enjoys swimming, going to the beach and bowling. • Most of all she enjoys doing activities with her children. *

  12. Arlene Lynette Mincey - 30 Years • Arlene was born in Gainesville, FL and moved to Orlando in 1977. • She graduated from Hartford Public High School in Connecticut and Columbia College. • She is also credentialed as a Medical Assistant. • Arlene was originally hired in 1979 as a Health Aide, and was promoted in 1986 to Social Service Worker. • She was named Head Start Social Worker of the Year in 2000.

  13. Arlene Mincey – 30 Years • Arlene has gained considerable knowledge while working for Orange County and a greater appreciation for cultural diversity. • She assisted with the 2004 Hurricane Relief efforts. • She is married to Steven and they have four grown children and nine grandchildren. • Her hobbies include: watching dramas, music, and doing good works. *

  14. Family ServicesYouth & Family Services

  15. Cynthia M. Watkins 20 Years • Cynthia was born and raised in Orlando. • She graduated from Edgewater High School and Bethune Cookman College. • She began her career with Orange County in 1989 working at Head Start. • In 1993, she was promoted and transferred to the Department of Social Services. • Cynthia has provided guidance and counseling in the Crisis Assistance Program for over 20 years.

  16. Cynthia Watkins – 20 Years • Cynthia has assisted with various programs and other agencies, including the Coalition for the Homeless, the 2006 Public Service Program sponsored by the Internal Revenue Service and the Hurricane Andrew Relief Program in South Florida. • She has one son, Shelly, who is currently serving in the Navy. • In her spare time, Cynthia enjoys shopping and volunteering with various community agencies. *

  17. Family ServicesCommunity Action

  18. Linda Asencio 30 Years • Linda was born in Bronx, NY and moved to Central Florida in 1979. • She graduated from James Monroe High School. • Linda was hired by Orange County in 1979 to work with the Department of Community Affairs at Head Start, where she has served for the past 30 years. • She has helped many families gain self-sufficiency through her division’s work.

  19. Linda Asencio – 30 Years • Linda is a certified Emergency Call Responder. She has assisted with the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program and the 2008 Empowering Skills for Family Workers program. • She has three children: Frank, David and Matthew; and four grandchildren. • Linda hobbies include: Reading, family involvement and volunteering at her church with Life Savers Ministry. *

  20. Family ServicesRegional History Center

  21. Robert M. Shortt 25 Years • Robert was born in Houston, TX and moved to Central Florida in 1963. • He graduated from Lake Howell High School. • He was originally hired by Orange County in 1979 to work at Animal Services. • Robert joined the Army shortly thereafter and was stationed in Korea and later with the Airborne Division at Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

  22. Robert Shortt – 25 Years • Robert returned to Orange County to work at Parks and Recreation in 1984. He transferred to Public Works Roads and Drainage Division in 1991. • He was then promoted to Utility Repair Person, Engineering Inspector and Citizen Response Coordinator. • In 2002, he was promoted to the History Center Exhibits Coordinator and Exhibits Project Leader. • Robert has helped with the Orangescape Program, Heavy Equipment Utilization Group, Central Florida Tourism before Disney Exhibit, and the Florida in the Civil War Exhibits. • He has been married to Marjorie for 22 years and they have one daughter: Kimberlee. • Roberts hobbies include: Fishing, computers and football. *

  23. Public WorksFiscal and Administration

  24. Leroy Lewis Beavers 20 Years • Leroy was born in Warrenton, VA, served in the Army as a Tank Driver and moved to Orlando in 1989. • He was hired in 1989 for the Hand and Concrete Crew at Stormwater Management. • Leroy was promoted to Supply Expediter in 1992, and earned his GED with the help of Bill Baxter. • When the Stormwater and Highway Maintenance Stockrooms merged, Jeff was responsible for all eight Public Works divisions’ supply needs.

  25. Leroy Beavers – 20 Years • Leroy was promoted again as a Procurement Coordinator with the Fiscal and Administration Division where he works today. • He is an expert with small engines, tools and equipment. He is constantly updating his skills with new classes and courses. • Leroy excelled during the 2004 Hurricanes, assisting with food drives and the annual Employee Appreciation Celebration. • He has earned the Outstanding Employee of the Quarter and Chairman’s Award in 1996. • Leroy enjoys golf, coaching and playing softball; spending time with his new wife: Penny and her mother. • He has five grown children and three grandchildren. His son, Brandon, works at the Public Works Roads and Drainage Division. *

  26. UtilitiesWater Reclamation

  27. Yvonne Nho Ngo Vo 20 Years • Yvonne was born in Vietnam and moved to Orlando in 1987. • She earned an Associates of Arts Degree from Fullerton Community College in California. • Yvonne started with Orange County in 1989 as an Instrumentation Technician in the Wastewater Division of Utilities. • She received her Journeyman’s electrical license and was promoted to Industrial Electrician.

  28. Yvonne Nho Ngo Vo – 20 Years • Yvonne was promoted to the Water Production Section of the Water Division, where she worked for nine years. • She is currently assigned to the Water Reclamation Division in the SCADA Section as an Operation’s Specialist. • She manages, maintains, calibrates, troubleshoots and repairs the SCADA System. • Yvonne has been married to Dennis for 20 years and they one son: Michael, 15, who attends Timber Creek High School. • In her spare time, Yvonne plays tennis, enjoys staying in shape, being active and she volunteers at the Bao An Temple. *

  29. Awards Presentation County Administration OMB: • Patria Morales 25 Years Corrections Security Operations: • Dolores Maggi 20 Years

  30. Awards Presentation Family Services Head Start: • Laura Baumgartner 20 Years • Arlene Mincey 30 Years Youth & Family Services: • Cynthia Watkins 20 Years Community Action: • Linda Asencio 30 Years Regional History Center: • Robert Shortt 25 Years

  31. Awards Presentation Public Works Fiscal and Administration: • Leroy Beavers 20 Years Utilities Water Reclamation: • Yvonne Nho Ngo Vo 20 Years

  32. Employee Service Awards December 1, 2009