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  1. WHAT’S NEW IN EBUS 5 ? An e-BUS Project Team has been created which will oversee the implementation of all data and program routines in eBus5. Made up of Sales Managers, IT personnel and select dealers, Salina is committed to make e-Bus5 the premier order entry software in the industry. Two major issues that plagued eBus4, loss of data and speed have been resolved. For the experienced e-Bus user it will be readily apparent how the software has been significantly improved. Sales Team

  2. NEW UPDATES • SPEED IT TECHS IN SALINA HAVE SIGNIFICANTLY INCREASED THE SPEED OF EBUS (SERVER SIDE). NOTE: EBUS Speed is directly affected by the user’s Internet Provider (Client Side). • CREATING/SAVING PROPSALS FILE - SAVE ROUTINE HAS BEEN REMOVED Proposals are automatically created and assigned proposal numbers . File and Customer Names are generated during the proposal creation. FILE SAVE menu is completely removed. Dealer proposals can now be edited by ENC sales personnel and viewed simultaneously by the dealer without complicated save and overwrite procedures. Loss of internet connection or power will not cause any loss of data. Once power is restored all data and proposals will be available.

  3. NEW UPDATES – Cont. • CUSTOMER INFORMATION The CUSTOMER INFORMATION routine has been completely re-designed. All data is saved and archived with each proposal. Both CUSTOMER and DEALER instruction memos have been activated and are retrieved and posted on the DEALER and CUSTOMER proposal forms. • PTO WIZARD The PTO wizard has been completely overhauled. The Transtech models have been added.

  4. NEW UPDATES – Cont. • UPDATING OLD PROPOSALS The updating feature now updates CHASSIS and BODY codes. If the models are still available with only a model year change, the new model codes, description and pricing will be updated. If the Body Model or Chassis Model has been discontinued, the old code and description will be retained however the pricing will go to 0.00. • COMMENT DATABASE Dealers now have access to building their own comment database. This allows the insertion of multiple comment lines without having to constantly retype the same data. By clicking on the CDBF (Comment Database File), a list of comments in the database appear and can be exported in to the proposal.

  5. THANK YOU • We appreciate your patience. We believe e-Bus5 is a vital sales tool available to all dealers. • Items in this presentation are only a few of the features found in e-Bus5. More information will be added in the near future. • If you have any questions or concerns please contact your regional sales manager. e-Bus Project Team