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  1. WORLD PEACE COMMITTEE A 10 minute overview of the World Peace Committee, its objectives, and typical club Peace Projects by PP Derrick Willcock.

  2. World Peace In Action - Summary • S.A.’s Most Serious & Urgent Problems • What Can You Do? • What Did District 9300 Do? • Typical Club Projects • Personal Disaster Management Project • Peace Officer • Peace Web page.

  3. S.A.’s Most Serious & Urgent Problems What is the most serious & urgent problem facing you, your family & your community? • It’s not AIDS, Poverty, Unemployment, etc. • It’s the chance of you or a member of your family or community being killed or maimed by criminals or road accidents! • What are you or your fellow Rotarians actually doing about it?.

  4. What Can You Do? Get involved in Pro-active Peace Projects, such as :- • Assisting the Criminal Justice System • CCTV Crime Monitoring projects • Assisting Business Against Crime (BAC) • Helping communities with Road Closures • Participating in the Personal Disaster Management project for your community.

  5. What Can You Do? Get Involved in Re-active Projects, such as • Assisting the SAPS by means of Community Police Forums (CPF) • Assisting Emergency Services, which include Fire, Ambulance, Metro Police • Creating or assisting with Victim Support facilities such as trauma counseling.

  6. What Did District 9300 Do? District constituted the World Peace Committee, whose objectives are :- • To get clubs to tackle projects aimed to reduce trauma currently faced by our communities due to crime and accidents • To act as a communication link between Peace organisations and Rotary clubs • To arrange Peace workshops & training and award a prize for the best club project.

  7. Typical Club Projects • Morningside’s CPF; also providing additional offices and forecourt for the SAPS; painting existing offices for SAPS • Benoni’s Toy Rescue & Toy Box project for the Modderbee Prison and Children’s Court in Benoni • Aurora's Witness Protection facility at Benoni’s Central Police Station, plus their Child Friendly rooms at the Court.

  8. Typical Club Projects • Knights Pendragon’s conversion of a charge office to a Client Reception area; upgrading visitors rooms for prisoners, donation of a PC to the Police • Riverside’s “Comfort Cops” project - basic psychological & trauma training to SAPS staff • Rosebank’s Security Report project on the Randburg Magistrates Court.

  9. Typical Club Projects • Sandton’s Driver Instruction project to SAPS staff; plus their SAPS literacy project • Vereeniging’s Villa Lubet home for abandoned, abused or neglected children + their Child Protection Unit support project • Standerton’s Child Accident Victim Teddy Bear (Care Bear) project.

  10. Personal Disaster ManagementProject • Parliament approved a Disaster Management Bill in January for Councils - our project is the Domestic equivalent • The main idea is to be prepared for any disaster which may befall you or your family so that you can re-act quickly and sensibly, and so possibly save lives and/or property.

  11. Personal Disaster ManagementProject It consists of all homes and businesses having immediate access to critical telephone numbers, which fall into the following:- • General Information - Emergency Services, hospitals, SAPS, Water, Electricity • Personal Information - ID numbers, Medical Aid numbers, allergies, health problems, present medication.

  12. Personal Disaster ManagementProject • Health support numbers - doctor, dentist, heart specialist • Contact numbers of family, friends & neighbours • Children’s school numbers.

  13. Peace Officer • To function well, we need each and every President to appoint a “Peace Officer”, and to convey that Rotarian’s details to us as soon as possible • The Officer’s main function is liaison. • District meetings of the Peace Officers are not onerous - only a few times per year • Just remember - Peace projects could save your life!.

  14. Peace Web Page • We have an active Web page at :- • Alternatively, you will be able to find us in the District Directory • We are always on the lookout for new blood in the District World Peace Committee - if this is your scene, please contact us.

  15. Thank You For Your Attention! That’s all Folks! Any Questions?