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World War One Weapons PowerPoint Presentation
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World War One Weapons

World War One Weapons

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World War One Weapons

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  1. World War One Weapons

  2. Bolt Action Rifle This rifle fired only one bullet at a time, then you were forced to reload. The Lee Enfield Rifle was used by the British army during World War One. Other bolt action rifles were used in France, Germany, Italy, U.S. Russia, Austria and Japan

  3. Smokeless Gunpowder Commanders had been complaining of the problems of giving orders on a smoky battlefield. The French army was the first to use smokeless gunpowder. This powder was more powerful then regular gunpowder giving it more accuracy up to a thousand yards.

  4. Machine Guns In 1884, Hiram Maxim invented the worlds first automatic portable machine gun. The maxim gun was adopted by the British army in 1889. It could fire 400-600 rounds a minute. Each gun had the fire power for about 100 rifles. These machine guns used in 1914 required six people to work.

  5. Armored Vehicles Armored cars were first used by British. At the start of World War One Europe was using armored plated vehicles with machine guns or other artillery pieces. These cars were limited during trench warfare because of the uneven terrain.

  6. Artillery At the beginning of World War One the main weapon for the British army was the long barreled field gun. Howitzers used heavy shells with a short barrel for use undercover. The British army created heavy howitzers used for trench warfare. They could fire shells weighing over 900kg to a distance of 18km.

  7. There were many changes in warfare weaponry in World War One. These changes revolutionized the way war is fought today. Without them we would still be fighting in very primitive ways.

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