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Fresh New Landscaping Ideas for Your Garden PowerPoint Presentation
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Fresh New Landscaping Ideas for Your Garden

Fresh New Landscaping Ideas for Your Garden

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Fresh New Landscaping Ideas for Your Garden

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  1. Garden Designs & Landscapes

  2. Fresh New Landscaping Ideas for Your Garden There are plenty of garden landscape ideas to help make your home more inviting and appealing so you can enjoy your outdoor space. Maintaining a garden isn’t easy, but with some work, you can make your landscape into an oasis.

  3. Rambling Vines Plant rambling vines in order to make your garden more romantic. These can look great around fences and, if the vines are the flowering species, they can add some color to your garden. Clematis is a showy vine that could look great in a yard. They can be grown on a fence or on a trellis, or they can grow over shrubs and perennials for a more relaxed gardening style and landscape Los Angeles.

  4. Dress Up Your Driveway You can use your driveway as a mini garden and help hide an unattractive driveway. Add some hedges and different flowers for a blend of colors, textures, and heights.

  5. Drought Tolerant Landscaping Flowers are nice, but drought tolerant landscaping can be a better option in areas where there is not a lot of water to help plants thrive. Just because you don’t have access to a lot of water doesn't mean your outdoor space should suffer, and with drought tolerant landscaping Los Angeles it won't. 

  6. Some common plants to use include Serbian spruce, juniper, common lilac, coyote brush, lavender, rosemary, thyme, strawflower, and sunflower, marigold, and California out grass. You don’t just need drought tolerant plants to help create a great garden; you can also use stone walkways to create a unique look. Placing ornament grasses can also add a touch of green to the garden.

  7. Add Height with Planters and Baskets When working on garden landscape design you don’t want your garden to be one- dimensional and it doesn’t have to be when you add plants and baskets to give some height. There is plenty of visual interest and it doesn’t require a lot of effort. If you put in plants that don’t require a lot of maintenance, then this is a way to have a great look easy. Use Plants to Hide Outdoor Structures

  8. Use Plants to Hide Outdoor Structures While it may be necessary to have sheds, garages, or other outdoor workspaces in your garden, they aren’t always the most attractive feature. However, you can take steps to hide them with displays of plants and flowers. Use a wooden plank to create a shelf on the exterior of the structure in order to fill it with flowers and help add natural beauty.

  9. Use Blooming Shrubs One of the easiest ways to help transform your garden is to use blooms. You can choose between blossoming flowers, shrubs, and trees to help make an impact in your garden, and you can also add color to your landscape.

  10. Create a Garden Paradise You can use your garden as an escape from the world by having intersecting trails, meandering streams, or inspiring vistas. This allows you to create a space where people can gather outside your home. You can even get creative and add fun little surprises in your garden, like a fountain, wall of plants, special flower display, or a statue for guests to admire. Keep the surprise element away from your home to have more fun with it.

  11. Living Wall If you don’t have a lot of outdoor space, try a vertical living wall. This also works great for some commercial landscaping. You can go small or big, depending on how much space you have, and it doesn’t have to be overly complicated.

  12. If you need some help designing your outdoor space, research Los Angeles landscape design firms in order to get some inspiration. Once you have chosen one, it’s now time to begin landscaping Los Angeles CA and create the outdoor space and garden of your dreams. Source:- http://gardendesigns 2018/07/fresh-new- landscaping-ideas-for- your.html

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