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Gaur Saundaryam housing complex Greater Noida West PowerPoint Presentation
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Gaur Saundaryam housing complex Greater Noida West

Gaur Saundaryam housing complex Greater Noida West

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Gaur Saundaryam housing complex Greater Noida West

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  1. Gaur Sundaryam: Housing Complex Noida Extension The beauty of Gaur Sundaryam cannot be explained in words as the beauty of this project is in its sight. The project is built with luxury and is surrounded with greenery which makes it a perfect dream project for you. Not only you can enjoy your living with the facilities but also feel the soothing environment and enjoy the beauty of landscape. You will never get tired of feeling the beauty of the Gaur Sundaryam project. You can live happily here because of the spacious area there is proper ventilation, entrance of sunlight and the flow of fresh air. The best advantage to live here is the infrastructure design and the apartments are built with spacious area for and comfortable living. This project is package full of all needs and desires for a luxurious living. If we talk about facilities, then gym is available with all the advanced equipment’s so that you can build your body or bring it in a perfect shape to live a healthy life. There are indoor and outdoor gaming options available to pass your evening time like badminton, chess, carom, table tennis, cricket, volleyball, basketball, squash court and many others. To have couple of drinks with your friends, bar lounge is

  2. available and banquet hall is there to have some entertainment and delight with your guests. Together with all these exiting facilities, you will find shops, saloon, stores, spa, and playing area for kids and complexes to enjoy by going out of the residential area. We should not forget the some exiting features of the project like swimming pools with blue water to relax your body. Learning facility is also available therefore people who can’t swing should not be disheartened. A luxurious spa will help you to remove all your stress and if you want to have some fun with your family or friends, you can visit cafeteria to have some chit chat. So, come and be a part of this project to enjoy your life to the fullest.