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Singapore Personal Trainer

A guide to fitness and health Ezfit is a result based fitness training centre in Singapore offering standard and certified programs of various kinds to keep you fit and in shape.

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Singapore Personal Trainer

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  1. www.ezfit.sg

  2. Simple Exercise to Keep your Body FIT Bicycling Jogging Swimming Tennis Dancing Abdominal Crunches Squats Triceps Press www.ezfit.sg

  3. www.ezfit.sg

  4. Advantages of Cycling : 1. Cycling is always good for your heart. Its associated with improved cardiovascular fitness, and also decrease in the risk of coronary heart disease. 2. It also good for Muscles & Waistline. 3. Improve your Mental Health. 4. It can strengthen your immune system. 5. Bicycling has more advantages over other exercises. www.ezfit.sg

  5. www.ezfit.sg

  6. Advantages of Jogging : Daily Jogging makes your body fit. And Lower chances of heart disease and diabetes. More alive. 3. You can lose weight. www.ezfit.sg

  7. www.ezfit.sg

  8. Advantages of Swimming : • Swimming is a way to get your body in shape. • It helps to lose weight & tighten your body. • Its increase your Muscle Tone and Strength and also makes you feeling & looking younger. • Healthier heart. www.ezfit.sg

  9. www.ezfit.sg

  10. Advantages of Playing Tennis: It enhance your body flexibility. Also decrease your risk of heart disease. Improve your strength of bone. And boost your brain power. Also lose weight. www.ezfit.sg

  11. Advantages of Dancing: • Dance is physical exercise. It enhance your body flexibility & Strength. • Also Improved condition of the heart and lungs. • Improve your Sense of Well-Being. • 4. Also lose weight & improve muscle tone and strength. www.ezfit.sg

  12. www.ezfit.sg

  13. Advantages of Abdominal Crunches : • Strengthening Your Core. Relieve from back pain. • It helps weight loss & Calories Burned. • Its enhance your body Strength. • 4. Improve muscle tone and strength. www.ezfit.sg

  14. www.ezfit.sg

  15. Advantages of Squats : • 1. Builds Muscle in Your Entire Body. • 2. Strengthens the Core. • 3. Excellent for hamstrings, quads, and calves. www.ezfit.sg

  16. www.ezfit.sg

  17. Advantages of Triceps Press : • It works the muscle by providing resistance and relies on your body weight. • Strengthens the Core. • Also lose weight & improve muscle tone. www.ezfit.sg

  18. Ezfit 357 Clémenti Avenue 2120357Singapore www.ezfit.sg Vanan@ezfit.sg Nancy@ezfit.sg

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