garment labels serve a variety of purposes n.
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Garment Labels Serve a Variety of Purposes PowerPoint Presentation
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Garment Labels Serve a Variety of Purposes

Garment Labels Serve a Variety of Purposes

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Garment Labels Serve a Variety of Purposes

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  1. Garment Labels Serve a Variety of Purposes

  2. Garment labels coming in a variety of materials, types, size, length etc serve large number of functions. Quality labels also serve as an important tool for high-end manufacturers to enhance their brand image. • Labels are an excellent promotional tool. A layman from far cannot distinguish between a normal shirt costing 20 pounds from a high quality branded shirt costing over 100 pounds. • It is the label on the shirt that identifies the maker, in the process enhancing the reputation of the wearer and allowing him to make a solid style statement.

  3. Labels are also very helpful in identification of clothing items, apparel or other materials like umbrellas, lunch boxes, gym bags etc. Inexpensive and easy to put, these labels provide effective protection against lost or misplaced belongings. • A number of types of garment labels are available that can be ordered with ease and convenience from an online supplier. Woven labels are the most durable of labels and they provide lustre and shine that labels from other materials fail to achieve. • In the following section we shall look at some of the common types of woven labels and see a quality label serves as an effective and efficient brand ambassador.

  4. 1. Labels Made from Damask • Labels made of damask are the most expensive as compared to any other labels (woven or otherwise). They are usually preferred by high end apparel manufacturers who use it as a promotional tool to augment their brand image. • These labels are woven slower with finer yarns which are responsible for both their durability and added clarity. You can use woven labels made of damask if you want to bring attention to the finer details of your company logo or artwork.

  5. 3. Tafetta • The labels made of taffeta are the least expensive of the three materials popularly used for woven labels. They are woven with a plain ground base. • The end result is an inexpensive and durable label that lacks the design and clarity of damask labels, or the soft and smooth feel of satin labels. This makes them ideal to be used as a means of displaying care instructions. • People can order best school name labels from the same manufacturer and supplier from where they buy other labels for other purposes.

  6. These labels are important as they, apart from fulfilling the basic school instruction that require the school name to be prominently displayed, install a sense of pride in children. • Labels apart from serving informational and instructional purposes also play an important part in enhancing your overall image. • It is therefore important that garment labels be sourced from a quality and reliable online seller like who offer the highest quality labels at the most affordable rates.