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PPT Presentation For GeoSynthetic

We provide friendly, down-to-earth expertise and quality geosynthetic/landscape supplies. Visit https://geosyntheticsystems.ca/

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PPT Presentation For GeoSynthetic

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  1. The No.1 Soil Management Solution in Ottawa www.geosyntheticsystems.ca

  2. About Geosynthetic Systems We provide friendly, down-to-earth expertise and quality geosynthetic/landscape supplies which reduce the environmental impact of construction and preserve our natural resources, while at the same time helping our clients achieve success with their projects.

  3. Geosynthetic Systems in Action Soil • Stabilization • Confinement • Separation • Reinforcement

  4. Our Products Industrial Fabrics and Membranes Erosion & Sediment Control Drainage & Storm water Management

  5. Our Products Landscaping Supplies and Specialties Gabion Systems & Engineered Walls Product Guide

  6. Industrial Fabrics and Membranes Geotextiles Geomembranes Geogrids Providing solutions for soil separation, confinement and reinforcement is the very reason Geosynthetic Systems was conceived. Providing a more stable solution combining different polymers, synthetic membranes into a stronger and more stable material.

  7. Erosion & Sediment Control Some Popular Products Erosion Control Blankets Silt Fence Floating Silt Barrier Coir Logs Soil erosion can be a serious problem, resulting in catastrophic damage to water sources, landscaping and wildlife. Repairing damage caused by soil erosion can be difficult, time consuming, and expensive. Geosynthetic Systems has been distributing erosion control products longer than any other company in Eastern Canada. We carry a full inventory of many erosion control solutions for consumer, commercial and industrial applications.

  8. Drainage & Stormwater Management An integral part of conserving and managing soil is managing the water that falls on it. From traditional products such as sub-surface drainage tubing and corrugated steel pipe to innovative products such as geocomposite drainage systems, the experts at Geosynthetic Systems can make sure you find the products and receive the installation information you need to get your project designed and built right the first time.

  9. Landscaping Supplies and Specialties We provide landscaping and hardscaping supplies like paver edging, landscape edging, tools and window wells. Having spent over three decades in support of landscape designer and construction, we know which brands/products/systems work best for our customers. We are your one stop supplier for all of your landscape design and construction needs.

  10. Gabion Systems & Engineered Walls PVC Coated Twisted Wire Gabion Baskets & Matresses Decorative Gabion Baskets Engineered Walls And Retained Soils Systems We distribute several products of Gabion Systems & Engineered Walls designed for use on site with the challenging grade.

  11. Contact Us Geosynthetic Systems 3543 Conroy Road, Ottawa, Ontario K1T 3S6 Canada Phone No.(Locally) : (613)733-9585 Toll Free: (866)490-4436 Contact Email: info@geosyn.ca Contact Person: Connor Murray Office Hours: Monday to Thursday: 7:00 Am - 5:00 Pm Friday: 7:00 Am - 4:00 Pm Sat & Sunday: Closed Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/ottawageopros/ https://twitter.com/ottawageopros

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