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Making HACCP Work for You PowerPoint Presentation
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Making HACCP Work for You

Making HACCP Work for You

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Making HACCP Work for You

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  1. Making HACCP Work for You Jan Black, SFNS Portage Township Schools Portage, IN

  2. Making HACCP Work for You • What exactly is HACCP?? • Have A Cup of Coffee & Pray??? (Dr. Jeannie Sneed, Iowa State)

  3. Making HACCP Work for You • NO it means… • Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points

  4. Making HACCP Work for You • It’s a big name, that seems to be scaring a lot of people, but what it means to us in School Food Service is… • A food safety program that must be based on HACCP guidelines. • A properly designed and monitored system that ensures the products we serve and the preparation, storage and holding of those products is done in the safest possible way.

  5. Making HACCP Work for You • HACCP was first introduced in the 1960’s – at the start of the space program. NASA used it first and then it was introduced into the other commercial areas – Pillsbury and food manufacturers. • It’s the Law - Section 111 – The Child Nutrition and WIC Reauthorization Act of 2004 and must be in place by July 1, 2006.

  6. Making HACCP Work for You • Remember – We are doing a great job in School Food Service and we are doing much of what is called for, we just need to expand it. • It provides a defense for us, against complaints and legal action. • It focuses on food and places the responsibility on Food Service Employees to serve safe food to the children. • It raises our professionalism to the next level. • HACCP is a good thing, it’s a preventative program!!

  7. Making HACCP Work for You • We serve a high-risk group of people – young children, pregnant mothers and sometimes the elderly. • We serve more meals in the shortest amount of time, than any other restaurant. • Helps keep the program in compliance with government regulations. • Keeps a school food authority continually involved in self-inspection and self-improvement.

  8. Making HACCP Work for You • Prime example of why we need this…. • A small school in the state of Washington, Findley School District, was sued because 11 of their students suffered symptoms of E. Coli after eating under cooked taco meat in their school lunch. • The school district served approximately 120,367 meals a year and their gross sales were $326,714.00 • When it was all said and done, the judgment against them was for… • $4,750,000.00 !!! • Do we all need a food safety program in our schools?? • YES!!

  9. Making HACCP Work for You • HACCP: 7 Key Principals • Identify hazards • Identify critical control points • Establish critical limits (time) for each control point. • Establish Procedures to monitor the critical control points. • Establish corrective actions to be taken when monitoring shows that a critical limit has not been met. • Establish procedures to verify that the system is working. • Establish record keeping procedures to properly maintain documents of the HACCP system.

  10. Making HACCP Work for You Management Commitment HACCP Biological, Chemical and Physical Hazards Education And Training Food Temperature Control Cleaning and Sanitizing Personal Hygiene Pest Control The Building Blocks of a HACCP Program

  11. Making HACCP Work for You • Supplier Control – Have you checked their trucks out? • Food Safety Team • Standardized Recipes - No Cook, Same Day, Complex – Potentially Hazardous Foods. • Food Flow – Receiving, Storing, Preparing, Cooking, Holding & Serving, Cooling, Reheating. • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) • Temperature – Measuring and Recording.

  12. Making HACCP Work for You • Let’s put it in perspective: • Get pre-requisite programs in place. Employee training, pest control services, sanitation, personal hygiene. • Begin – get your team together. Do a flow process in your largest kitchen. • Color code your recipes. • Write SOP’s. • Start documenting temps in the kitchen (cooking temps, refrig/freezer temps, calibration logs, milk temps etc) • Have managers sign off on employee temp logs (verify their system works) • Do the most potentially hazardous products first.

  13. Making HACCP Work for You • In Simple Terms: • 1. Identify Hazards • Is the food potentially hazardous? • What can be done at all 7 points of the flow of food to prevent foodborne illness? • Flow charts fit in this step. • What are you doing with complex or left over products? How do you cool them down? • 2. Identify Critical Control Points. • Need CCP’s for all hazardous foods served. • Recipe’s need to show CCP’s. • Production sheets. • Laminated signs in the kitchen.

  14. Making HACCP Work for You • Establish Critical Limits • What time limit is placed on the CCP’s? • Establish Monitoring Procedures • Who will be doing the monitoring? • Establish Corrective Actions • What should be done if the critical limit has not been met? • Establish Verification Procedures – Who and how often will verification take place? • Establish Record Keeping Procedures – Records must be properly maintained for one year.

  15. Making HACCP Work for You

  16. Making HACCP Work for You • Sample SOP: Handwashing • Policy: All food production personnel will follow proper handwashing practices to ensure the safety of food served to children. • Procedures: All employees in school food service should wash their hands using the following steps: • Wash hand (including under the fingernails) and forearms vigorously and thoroughly with soap and warm water (a temperature of at least 110° is required) for a minimum of 20 seconds. Wash with soap, either liquid or powder soap. Us a sanitary nail brush to get under the fingernails. Wash between fingers thoroughly. Use only hand sinks designed for that purpose. Do not wash hands in sinks in the production area. Dry hands with single use towels. Turn off faucets in a sanitary fashion using a paper towel to prevent recontamination of clean hands. • The Unit Supervisor will: • Monitor all employees to ensure that they are following proper procedures. Ensure adequate supplies are available for proper handwashing. Follow up as necessary.

  17. Making HACCP Work for You • Summary: • HACCP is a good thing! • It’s an on-going process and will continually change. • Take it a step at a time. • ISNA will be hosting an SNA seven-hour class, this summer which will help you even more. When details are finalized FSD will be notified. • HACCP Websites Iowa State University School Nutrition Assoc. National Coalition for Food Safe Schools National Food Service Management Inst. • Thanks for coming!