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  1. A_Z_Internet

  2. E A D C B F G H I J O M K L N Q S T R P V W Z X U

  3. A=@ All e-mail addresseshave the @symbol. @=atin English .=dot in English Mye-mailaddressis… • Home

  4. B=Blog A type of diary that you put on the Internet is calledBlog. ) b )

  5. Click C=Click Youclickwith the mouse to makeyour computer do something.

  6. D=Download When you take text,music or video from Internet, youdownload it.

  7. E=E-mail Youusee-mail (eletronic mail) to send and receivemessages on your computer via the Internet.

  8. Favourite website F=Favourite You can keep a list offavouritewebsites(calledfavourites) on your computer.

  9. Click G=Go You clickgo to start a search on the Internet.

  10. H=Humour You can use symbols to addhumor to your e-mail messages. For example : =:-)=amused =:-(=sad =:-|=deadpan …

  11. Hello! I=Instant Messaging You can use the Internet for the instantmessaging. Yousend a message and youreceive a replyimmediately. It’slike a writtenconversation. Hello!

  12. Click Agenzia di Viaggi Scoprite le nostre nuove offerte ... J=Junk mail You sometimes receive emails that you didn’t ask for and didn’t want.This isJunkmailor spam.

  13. Dog is on the table … K=Keyboard click click click You use thekeyboard to type a message.

  14. Click L=Link Dog A linkconnects one web page to another.It’s usually a word or phrase in blue and underlined.

  15. M=Mouse You use themouseto move around the screen of your computer.

  16. N=Net Net Internet = The Netisanother word for the Internet.

  17. O=Online I’m online! Online means connected to the Internet.

  18. P=Podcast You can download a podcast(a radio programme or a video) from the Internet and play it on your i Pod(mp3 player).

  19. Click Q=Quit When you quit a computer program, you close it.

  20. R=Reply You send a message and you receive a reply.

  21. S=Surf You surf the Internet to find information.

  22. T=Tool=Toolbar There are tools ,They’re on the toolbar.

  23. U=Username Your username is your e-mail name.

  24. V=Virtual Type ‘virtual tour of London’ into Google and explore the capital of Great Britain!

  25. W=Webcam A webcam is a camera connected to a computer.

  26. X=X=Kiss X=Kiss You can write the letter x at the end of your e-mails to send a kiss.

  27. Z Z Z = Z Don’t stay up late surfing the Internet.Go to bed.

  28. The End Francesca Pirino 2A Francesca D'Amico 2A & Emanuele Magliano 2A