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Commercial Garage Doors - Safety Features To Look For PowerPoint Presentation
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Commercial Garage Doors - Safety Features To Look For

Commercial Garage Doors - Safety Features To Look For

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Commercial Garage Doors - Safety Features To Look For

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  1. Article1: COMMERCIAL GARAGE DOORS - SAFETY FEATURES TO LOOK FOR In simple terms, a garage door is a huge door on a garage that opens manually or by an electric motor. They are often large enough to accommodate automobiles and other vehicles and are designed to keep your belongings safe from the weather and intruders. Garage doors can be made of wood, metal or fiberglass. They can be small or large. Some garage doors can slide or swing horizontally. Whether you wish to install a commercial or residential garage door, beauty, durability, and safety are some of the most important factors to bear in mind. For all these features, you can trust Giel Garage Doors in Pittsburgh. They will provide good quality service with honesty. When looking to purchase Pittsburgh commercial garage doors, several features should be kept in mind including the door type, safety features, design and cost. Commercial doors are available in thousands of combinations, including sectional doors and full-view doors so you can choose whichever format suits your requirements. When it comes to safety features, the door should have, motion detectors, alarms, reversing mechanisms and soft-edged doors. Let’s take a look at these garage door safety featuresand attempt to understand how they work: • Auto-reverse: The auto-reverse function is designed to change the direction that the door is moving, in case it meets any type of obstacle or solid object as an obstruction to its motion. To check if the auto-reverse is working properly, place something hard like a cinder block in the way and try to close the door. You will see this feature in action. • Motion detection: The motion detector is a linchpin of a security system. It is a device that detects the moving objects, particularly people. It transmits a beam of light while the door is closing. It uses multiple technologies to detect the movement in an area and stops the door to prevent accidents. • Manual controls: Manual controls are another garage door safety feature to prevent entrapment during a storm, garage door opener malfunction, or power outage. The manual release mechanism releases the system so you can open or close the garage door manually when it is needed. The handle of the door should be red and located not higher than 6 feet off the ground. • Rolling code: Another safety feature that is commonly found is rolling code technology. This is a safety feature offers the facility of keyless entry to users. This stops the thieves from being able to use their own tactics to steal the code that is responsible for the opener. With this type of technology, it is impossible to get the access code to the garage by miscreant means. • Battery backup system: Finally, you might want to make sure that any garage door opener you choose has a battery backup system so you can

  2. Article1: get in and out in the event of power failure easily. When you need a garage door installed in western Pennsylvania, Thomas V. Giel Corporation is the name you can trust. You can have total confidence that the job will be done right and will leave you 100% satisfied.To know more about Commercial garage door service in Pittsburgh, visit ABOUT THE AUTHOR Tina Horton is a well known interior designer and decorator and has a knack of picking out the best quality products from the market to use for her projects. To help fellow designers and home owners out in doing the same, she likes to write about her latest finds in the market in highly informative articles. If you are looking for shelves, window panes or garage doors Pittsburgh decorator Tina will help you find it with her articles.