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5 Reasons Colors Play A Significant Role In Interior Design | Newton InEx PowerPoint Presentation
5 Reasons Colors Play A Significant Role In Interior Design | Newton InEx

5 Reasons Colors Play A Significant Role In Interior Design | Newton InEx

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  1. Mood Influencer • Whether you are a fan of white, red, blue, yellow, orange, green, pink, grey or black, understanding the relationship between color and mood may help you cautiously select right hues for your interiors. Blue ushers in a sense of tranquility and give a soothing effect to your interiors. Bright shades such as vivid yellow and bold red energize the environment; no wonder they are a popular choice for the restaurants. Neutral colors like cream and grey when complimented with cheerful colors can transform the room from the inside out.

  2. Psychological Value • It would be wrong to say that one color always has the same effect. Also, each color has a psychological value which is directly related to your emotions. So it’s important that you match your color settings to your taste and room’s purpose. For example, Orange hues can be used to make oneself look younger; they reduce self-consciousness and allow you to express yourself with sheer confidence.

  3. Accents All The Way • Suppose you need a calm and cozy room but can’t force yourself away from bold colors say, red, bright yellow, orange, Kelly green, etc., don’t worry, we have got you covered. Rather than covering your walls in bold and fiery shades, liven up your room with bright cushions, pillows, accessories and bold-colored shelves and décor items.

  4. Ambience Setter • Colors that you choose to use in your interior design can have a huge impact on the atmosphere you create. An environment can become dull or lively, depending on the colors used. A dull environment features weak intensities of color or monotonous color contrasts while a lively ambiance setting features highly saturated colors or strong color contrasts.

  5. A Reflection Of Your Personality • Colors are a true reflection of your personality. The hues you choose to use in your interior décor showcase your taste, mindset and define your personality. Colors can dramatically change the mood of your interiors, camouflage design issues, and other defects.

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