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Kerala Ayurveda Treatments : Greens Ayurveda

Kerala Ayurveda : A 6000 year plus old health science system . Need more information about Kerala Ayurveda and treatments .Download now!<br>For more guidance on this,visit : http://ayugreen.com/

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Kerala Ayurveda Treatments : Greens Ayurveda

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  1. GREENS AYURVEDA TREATMENT CENTER Healing hands energizes body & calms down mind…

  2. O OU UR R A AC CC CR RE ED DIT ITA AT TIO ION N Green Leaf Certified center For top most quality Ayurvedic institute, approved by Govt. of Kerala & Govt. of India


  4. In brief…  Ayurvedic Consultation  Treatments: Panchakarma, Relaxing massage, Shirodhara, etc.  Kerala rejuvenation therapy  Marma massage  Ayurvedic Training Program- Theory, Practical  Pedal massage  Yoga www.greensayurveda.com

  5. Treatments determined after consultation which includes reading pulse, mind, soul & physique through holistic approach… Accordingly we provide wide range of treatments … www.greensayurveda.com

  6. Ayurvedic consultation Reading the body, mind, soul & sense organs of a person tells you if they are healthy or ill… www.greensayurveda.com

  7. Thorough learning of a patient is the real consultation… With the means of pulse diagnosis, inspection, interrogation… www.greensayurveda.com

  8. • Who is next ? www.greensayurveda.com

  9. Treatments www.greensayurveda.com

  10. Treatments Panchakarma treatments Rejuvenation Kerala special treatments Marma & Chakra massage www.greensayurveda.com

  11. SHIRODHARA SHIRODHARA • Physical meditation • Anti-stress.. • Complete mind body relaxation • Different therapeutical purpose. • Better sleep • CNS rejuvenation • MND

  12. NASYA • Therapeutic remedy for nose, head & throat diseases…. • Cleanses the head n neck region • Sinusitis • Different Head ache • Different allergies

  13. DHOOMAPANA • For Respiratory ailments • Rhinitis • Drowsiness www.greensayurveda.com

  14. SHIRO VASTHY • Relieves Facial palsy • Insomnea • Head ache • Numbness • CNS disorders • Eyes, nose & mouth diseases www.greensayurveda.com

  15. THALA PODICHIL • Stabilizes the nervous system • Activate marma points • Improve quality of sleep • Improves memory • Relaxes and rejuvenates head and neck region

  16. • Relieves ear ache, ear wax • Head ache • Dental pain, painful mandible • Stiffness of the sides of neck and mandible KARNA POORANA www.greensayurveda.com

  17. AKSHI TARPANA • • Vision improvement • Relieves the eye strain • Different pathological condition For eye care….

  18. ABHYANGA ABHYANGA • P Pe er rf fe ec ct t b bo od dy y r re el la ax xa at ti io on n • P Pa ai in n r re el li iv ve es s • A Ant nti i a ag gi in ng g • I Im mp pr ro ov ve es s b bl lo oo od d c ci ir rc cu ul la at ti io on n • R Re ej juv • P Ph hy ys si ic ca al l m • P Pe er rf fe ec ct t c ca ar re e f fo or r t the s sy ys st te em m • D Di if ff fe er re ent nt t th he er ra ap pe eu ut ti ic ca al l p pu ur rp po os se e uve en na at te es s n ne er rv vo ou us s s sy ys st te em m me edi dita tati tio on n he M Mu us sc cu ul la al l www.greensayurveda.com

  19. • Remedy for Obesity…. • Perfect skin composition • Reduce excess fat deposits UDHWARTANA UDHWARTANA

  20. NJAVARA KIZHI NJAVARA KIZHI (SSPS) (SSPS) • The unique rejuvenation… • MND- Motor neuron disease • Sports injuries • Anti aging • Polio myeilitis www.greensayurveda.com

  21. • For Rheumatic fever • Inflammatory joint diseases • Vata disorders • Obesity • Tension myositis syndrome DHANYAMLA DHANYAMLA DHARA DHARA

  22. ELAKIZHI (PPS) • Relieves body aches… • Anti- Vata • Hemiplegic- strokes • Arthritis • Rheumatic condition • Degenerative conditions • Swelling • Gout • Rheumatic fever www.greensayurveda.com

  23. • Rejuvenates & relaxes……. • Hemiplegia, strokes, rejuvenates the musculo- nervous system • Soothens the skin texture • Keep muscle tone PIZHICHIL

  24. KATI VASTHY KATI VASTHY • For low back ache.. • Strengthening • Sports injuries • Disc related isssues www.greensayurveda.com

  25. • For Neck pain • Stiffness • Cervical Spondylosis • Neuro muscular involvements GREEVA VASTHY GREEVA VASTHY

  26. LEECH THERAPY • Chronic skin diseases • Black marks, erysipelas, • Hemorrhoids, abscess • Gout www.greensayurveda.com

  27. FOOT MASSAGE • Improve circulation • Insomnea • Heal cracking • Strengthen nervous system • Stiffness and pain

  28. • For all Kapha diseases • Skin diseases • Acute fever • Diabetes • Intoxication • Indigestion • Chronic sinusitis • Chronic rhinitis VAMANA VAMANA www.greensayurveda.com

  29. VIRECHANA - Purgation • All pitta conditions • Skin diseases, Jaundice, • Splenomegaly, Anemia, • Intestinal worms, Abdominal diseases, • Fistula in ano, Hemorrhoids, • Cough, Dyspnoea, • Joint disorders, Constipation….

  30. VASTHY - Enema • All vata diseases • Paralysis, Lower abdominal diseases, • Head ache, Urine retention, • Constipation, Infertility, • Low back ache, Convulsions, • Menstrual disorders, Joint pains, • Loss of sensation, abdominal tumor…

  31. • For youths & warriors to protect the body • Martial arts • For rigid body • Sports and traumatic injuries PEDAL MASSAGE PEDAL MASSAGE

  32. Specially trained therapists with blissful movements through marma massage… MARMA MASSAGE •To vitalise each marma points •Improve circulation •Cures chronic diseases www.greensayurveda.com

  33. CHAKRA MASSAGE • To improve circulation, • Vital energy • Chronic derangements • Spinal involvements • Neuro muscular disorders

  34. CLINICAL YOGA Specific yoga and pranayama for insomnia, low back ache, pregnancy, joint problems, obesity, diabetes…

  35. Greens Ayurveda SHALINI ASHYANA GREENS


  37. Patient’s Feedback Great cultural program (absorb eye of the inhabitants) allowing us to know the society outside. Treatment was effective immediately. Later we will better appreciate his long term effects. I loved to be a doctor, an occidental one now and there. I love to be a patient for this ancestral holistic Ayurveda medicine. I enjoyed the massages (a must), the vegetarian cooking and to meet people from all over the world. Dr. Yvette & Dr. Daniel , France : 6 times for 4-8 weeks each

  38. I became a "GREENS ADDICT !!!". Dr. Asghar do u have an ayurvedic treatment for this addiction ??? This is so difficult to leave such a wonderful place and such a wonderful staff!!   Thanks to all of you, For your kindness your smiles and your generosity  !.   M Ma ar ri ie e, , F Fr ra an nc ce e, , N No ov v 2 20 01 10 0 : : 1 1 m mo on nt th h Very happy! Coming here past 8 years regularly. Nothing is impossible here to treat with Ayurveda. Allopathic medicine is not the solution for all. But Ayurveda gives hope and cure. I Is sa ab be el ll le e, , D Du ub ba ai i, , D De ec c 2 20 01 15 5   : : 8 8 y ye ea ar rs s r re ep pe ea at t

  39. Entertainments… www.greensayurveda.com


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