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Growth Hacking meets UX - Workshop with Mac Jake PowerPoint Presentation
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Growth Hacking meets UX - Workshop with Mac Jake

Growth Hacking meets UX - Workshop with Mac Jake

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Growth Hacking meets UX - Workshop with Mac Jake

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Growth Hacking meets UX

  2. Mac Jake UIUX Designer, Pirate & Front end Developer @macvhustle More at

  3. Objectives Reduce tech support & training cost. Gain more sales return. Avoid user abandon purchases. Increases users & purchases. Every $1 invested in UX can have a return of up to $100 for your business

  4. Actionable UX Tactics & Examples 1. Optimising Visitors Experience. 2. Customer Onboarding. 3. Product page selling tactics. 4. Activity overview introduction.

  5. Less complicated captcha We want to onboard user, not scare them away

  6. Captcha or other alternatives letterboxd - Uses famous movie quotes as their Captcha during sign up.

  7. Your headline must grab attention in less than 1 second A 1-second response keeps users engaged with the content, thereby increasing the conversion rate and reducing abandonments.

  8. Show options instead of dropdown

  9. Focus call to action instead of many links

  10. Add propose selections Airbnb both is good, 87% of Fortune 500 companies have an easy to find search field on their homepage

  11. Progressive Disclosure Dropbox - Enables form when clicked. Paypal - Shows the next hidden form

  12. Minimize space Button Coda 2 - The submit button of the order form doubles as a progress bar.

  13. Headlines draw eyes before pictures

  14. Short paragraphs encourage reading Product Hunt

  15. People read text ads more than graphic ads Pandaapp

  16. Illusion of content Pinterest - The background takes main color of photo that’s about to be displayed. Facebook

  17. Don’t make visitors think too much Tumblr - A short list of random available usernames is shown to help get the user signed up right away.

  18. Show fields instead of a new page

  19. Fewer form fields Airbnb

  20. Use simple interaction to keep user filling the form Basecamp — When there is a form field error, the character on the left makes a surprising facial expression.

  21. Use Storytelling

  22. Autocorrect email to reduce wrong address Kickstarter - The email sign up field proposes related email provider is it thinks you may have mistyped your email.

  23. Offer incentive for visitors to signup Mailchimp - Reduces your price if you use two-factor authentication.

  24. Offer incentive for visitors to signup Apple Events - When adding Apple’s Live event to your calendar using their link, It saves you the best seat in the house.

  25. Make it easy for user to sign in Trip Advisor - Users can automatically signed-in on promotional email

  26. Optimised for mobile Mobile users are five times more likely to abandon the task if the site isn't optimized for mobile

  27. Offer other alternatives Grand St. - when you unsubscribe from their newsletter, they invite you to follow them on social networks instead.

  28. Quick feedback Co Founder Treating app- Asking the user straight away inside the app message

  29. Little things matters Amazon - “Thank you page”

  30. Demonstrate values You can create invoice directly Slimvoice - users able to use the product on the landing page

  31. Reaffirming Freedom User feel the sense of control over when they can pay

  32. Use Urgency Countdown create the urgency not to wait

  33. Use Social Proof

  34. Easy to reach Call to action User do not need to scroll or lookup for the buy button

  35. Show how it works for specific target market Illustration shows examples of targeted users

  36. Show benefits on Call to Action Reminding users why it’s worth it

  37. Sell benefits not features

  38. Use anchoring

  39. Stirring curiosity Give free chapters to demonstrate values

  40. Interactive Pricing Mailchimp - users able to insert any number of subscribers, therefore decrease call supports

  41. Help buyers make decision Audible - The most expensive items are automatically preselected to be paid.

  42. Give suggestion from past purchases Amazon - Displays other product compatibility with your purchased product from your Amazon purchase history.

  43. Help buyers make decision even faster - Shows the most helpful favourable review and the most helpful critical review on top so user able to make decision faster

  44. Design References (iOS patterns)