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3 Facts You Got Wrong About Custom Exhaust Tips

Custom exhaust design would not be compelled if you would not include mufflers on your list to be altered. Without these your vehicle would give a loud sound. Mufflers are installed to cancel out most of the noise produced by your vehicle. Find high performance and high quality custom exhaust tips at Converter place online store. Visit for more details. <br>http://converterplace.com/product-category/exhaust-tips

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3 Facts You Got Wrong About Custom Exhaust Tips

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  1. 3 Facts You Got Wrong About Custom Exhaust Tips

  2. A lot of car owners do not know how exhaust tips work or what exactly they do. Did you know that burnt exhaust tips are majorly for show and do not directly impact the emissions? If you want to learn more about exhaust tips, take note from this article.

  3. Design facts: Mostly, exhaust tips don’t interfere with the engine’s performance. In certain rear engines, the exhaust system is very short and if over sized exhaust tips are used, they influence the performance to a small extent. Turn-down exhaust tips are designed to direct hot emissions and sound downwards hence influencing performance but for a small percentage. The turn-down designs are common in trucks and they keep hot gases away from a trailer’s tow. They have the ability to minimize exhaust noise and they protect anything that is being towed behind by a truck.

  4. What is the best design? If you want to protect your trailer from the hot emissions, turn-down exhaust tips are the go-to designs. Nevertheless, the design is not 100% efficient and better alternatives are dual exhaust tips mounted at the sides of a truck. If you need the exhaust tip finish protected from tarnishes, use tips with spacing between real pipe exit and the ‘show’ finish part. Chrome exhaust tips are the shiniest designs. For a long-lasting and rust-free option, choose stainless steel exhaust tips. Titanium tips are pricey but their lightweight make is advantageous and they develop a beautiful blue tarnish with time. Carbon fiber tips are costly, but they ever tarnish. Don’t forget that the pricier designs are prone to theft because of their high-end quality.

  5. Installation There are tips which require welding to get secured on the vehicle. But in most cases, a simple screw- tight or pipe clamp is used which can be done by almost anyone with the help of a screwdriver. Thus, the installation of most exhaust tips is straightforward but if they need welding, a local muffler storekeeper can help you install them.

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