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Different Options as Solution PowerPoint Presentation
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Different Options as Solution

Different Options as Solution

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Different Options as Solution

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  1. Different Options as Solution Nothing stays the same: Needs change all the time, people’s needs, but also the business’ needs. The older business models are constantly being reviewed, adjusted, and replaced by newer options. In the past, every responsible business factored in the cost of their assets into their total asset holding, right from the moment these are procured until the day they become legacy assets. Think, for example, of the computers, desktop options and laptops, and also the tablets, the AV equipment, TV’s and different choices of monitors you may need to run your business successfully to ensure you compete well, to ensure you show regular profits. All of these assets have to be looked at as part of a company’s total expenditure – not only acquiring them but also maintaining and servicing them, replacing parts and update software – even replacing the entire device as it nears the end of its lifecycle. This can be expensive and many businesses are looking at practical, cost-effective alternatives to owning all your hardware. Bigger organisations, whether they work in the commercial or industrial sector, whether they work in recruiting, the service industry, or sales, all rely on quality hardware to run their day- to-day operations. Hardware right from computers and servers to AV equipment all form part of a business’s total asset complement, and for many organisations this creates a fine line between being profitable and running at a loss, especially if you own all your hardware if you do not keep track of what exactly you own and even need – or do not need. Therefore so many are now turning to the options presented by the so-called HaaS – Hardware-as-a-service. In its most basic definition, it refers to a procurement model whereby a client approaches a service provider that leases certain hardware to them: the hardware still belongs to the service provider, referred to as the managed service provider (MSP) who hires it out to the client as per the specific agreement that spells out the responsibilities of both parties in terms of the arrangement. This will include, among important issues, aspects such as the description of the hardware to be hired out, the period of such lease, rental amount, responsibilities of both parties, any

  2. additional points to be considered. The benefits for the business owner are clear: you pay a fixed rent on the hardware your organisation needs to operate, without the responsibility that ownership forces upon you, such as ongoing maintenance and having to deal with replacements all the time. Depending on your firm’s needs, you may have to provide PC’s and laptops to employees, other electronic equipment such as the latest tablets, for instance, iPads, to ensure you stay on top of whatever demands your business places on your shoulders; you may require state of the art AV and other IT options for purposes of training staff, or attending/presenting at conferences, or for being represented at events. Businesses these days compete at different levels to how things were done in previous decades; therefore it is essential to have access to the latest, most advanced programs and systems – and hardware. It is also costly to acquire these devices: many of these you may need for a day or week only, and it makes little sense to own them as the expense may not warrant ownership. HaaS is, for many, a great solution as it makes it possible for the business to have access to great devices without the responsibility – and often frustration – that ownership brings. So they turn to good service providers that offer them options in terms of the different IT hardware they need – and a rentals agreement tailor-made for their purposes. HaaS has, indeed, become a great solution for many, especially in a world where IT changes so fast. About Us At Hamilton Rentals, we pride ourselves on bringing all our valued clients the best choices about short term computer and AV hire as well as a host of IT services that include cloud services and data centre relocation. We offer rental services on all of the most recent products such as iPads, PC’s, laptops, servers and AV equipment. As the UK’s largest IT and AV and related products company, we offer a host of services aimed at meeting the demands of the modern user. Because of our association with Bell Integration and technical service and analytics business Portal we are in the best position to offer a complete service unequalled by our competition. For more information about us, please visit