ip camera better than cctv camera n.
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IP camera better than CCTV camera PowerPoint Presentation
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IP camera better than CCTV camera

IP camera better than CCTV camera

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IP camera better than CCTV camera

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  1. IP Camera Better Than CCTV Camera

  2. Access IP Camera has one specialty; we can access the stream of security surveillance images from anywhere. Images can be access on the mobile with the help of internet. Remote access is not possible with CCTV camera as they are closed circuit.

  3. Usability IP Cameras are easy to use. To store the images hard disk is required while for CCTV camera video tape is required. Hard disk can be kept anywhere but, video tape should be located near the security system.

  4. Quality of Images Image quality of CCTV camera is not good as IP camera. To get a clear picture from CCTV camera more process is implemented such as noise reduction. IP camera gives a very clear picture due to high resolution.

  5. System Size and Installation Security system size of CCTV camera is bigger than IP camera. IP camera required network connection and unique IP address while CCTV camera required long cables, time recorder and monitor.

  6. Network Expansion In IP camera security system network can be expand very easily, but in case of CCTV camera it is very difficult to expand due to of its cable, connection and central system to access all the signals.

  7. Cost Cost of IP security camera is less than the CCTV camera. Reason behind this is the CCTV camera required more parts like cables, central monitoring systems, video tape recorder, etc. For CCTV camera maintenance is essential which required separate expenses on it. In IP camera system only additional cost is require to spend on camera, network infrastructure need not to be changed.

  8. Advanced Functionality IP Camera system supports the audio system; CCTV camera does not support the audio system.

  9. Hence, IP camera security system is better than CCTV camera security system.

  10. Thank You!