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2N “Rock ‘n Roll” Glossary PowerPoint Presentation
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2N “Rock ‘n Roll” Glossary

2N “Rock ‘n Roll” Glossary

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2N “Rock ‘n Roll” Glossary

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  1. 2N “Rock ‘n Roll” Glossary

  2. Amethyst: An amethyst is a mineral. It is also a type of quartz that is purple . Anamethyst is expensive when you buy it in a store. Stephanie

  3. Basalt: Basalt is a rock and it is mostly under the water. It can be brown or black. Basalt is the most common rock. It is made from lava after it cools. Some basalt rock is under the sea. Caroline.

  4. Crust: The outside of the earth is a shell of hard rock and soil. This shell is called the earth’s crust. When people drill for oil they break through the crust of the earth.

  5. Diamonds: Most diamonds are colorless and the most famous diamonds in the world is from India. They used for tools and jewelry. Diamonds are usually cut in the brilliant style so they shine. . Some people wear rings with diamonds on it. Olivia

  6. Earthquakes: Earthquakes happen when two plates hit each other and move. Then the earth shakes and the earth’s crust can break. Earthquakesare very dangerous because when the earth shakes buildings fall. Alioth

  7. Fold mountain: Fold mountains occur when two plates push into each other crumpling up the land between into gigantic folds. The world’s greatest mountain ranges are fold mountains.By Felix

  8. Geologist: Geologists are people who study about rocks and minerals. Kate Geologists help the world by studying about rocks. Kate

  9. Heat: Heat is when something is hot. We get heat from the sun and from magma in volcanoes. I like heat because it keeps me warm. NAMI

  10. Igneous: Igneous comes from a word that means “fire” the heat inside the earth is like fire. It can melt rocks. Igneousrock comes from volcanoes. ELIANE

  11. Jack hammer: Jack hammer can break rocks and hard things. A jack hammer is a tool that goes up and down. A jack hammer has a sharp point at the end of it. Stephen

  12. Kilimanjaro:MountKilimanjaro is a really tall mountain in Africa. Rafael Kilimanjaro is a mountain that is made from all different rocks and fossils and soil.

  13. Lava: Melted rock is magma inside of a volcano. When the volcano erupts magma comes out of the volcano and this is called lava. When it cools it becomes rock again. Oh, no the lavais flooding the city!

  14. Magma: Magma is lava inside the earth. Magma is melted rock. It is very, very, very hot. If you fall into magma you will burn to death. Robert

  15. Metamorphic: Metamorphic means change. When rock changes into another rock by heat pressure and time. Marble is a metamorphic rock. Zachary

  16. Nephrite: Nephrite is a rock. Another name is greenstone. Nephrite is more common than jadeite and is green, grey or creamy white. It’s usually found in streams. Ciaran If you hold nephrite up to the light you can see through some parts of it.

  17. Obsidian: This igneous rock comes out of a volcano and went from very hot to very cold quickly. It looks a bit like glass and is usually black. It has sharp edges. I looked on the ground and found some shiny obsidian rock.

  18. Plates: Plates are large land masses that hold up continents. When they crack or move they can cause earthquakes. The plates under the sea move slowly and sometimes this causes earthquakes. Robert

  19. Quartz: Quartz rock crystal is found all over the world. It is one of the most common minerals in the earth’s crust. Amethyst is purple quartz. Quartzcan be different colors depending on the minerals inside the rock. Juan Pablo

  20. Ruby: Rubies are a red precious crystal. People sometimes use it for rings. Do you know that rubies can cost more than 100 euro! Henry

  21. Stalactites: Stalactites hang from the top of the cave roof. Stalagmites are the same but just on the bottom of the cave floor. Stalagmites and stalactites come from the water that drips down. kyle

  22. Turquoise:A Turquoise rock is blue or dark blue or a light blue . Turquoise is made up of many crystals . Its color is largely due to copper and trace of iron. You can find turquoise in the ground. Olivia

  23. Underground stream: An underground stream is flowing water that’s inside the earth ! The underground stream gets there when it rains. A lot of rain goes through the shower head and makes an underground stream ! By Kean Seeger

  24. Volcano: A volcano is a mountain that has two plates under it and when the two plates push together they make very hot things called lava ash and hot gases come out of the volcano. Zachary RUN there is a volcanoabout to erupt!

  25. Water: Water is a liquid. Most of the world is covered with water. People drink water. I like water because it is good for you. You can see through it. ciaran

  26. Xanthopsis pps: Xanthopsis pps is a rock which has a crab fossil inside. The geologists sometimes finds fossils like xanthopsis pps in rocks. Alioth

  27. Yellow Beryl:Yellow beryl can be any shape. It is a pale yellow to a rich golden color. Yellow Beryl is used for gemstones. Yellow beryl is a crystal that is yellow. It is beautiful. Beatrice

  28. Zircon: Zircon crystals can be colorless or yellow, red ,sky blue, bright green, brown, and orange. Zircon can be used for jewellery. Zircon can be found world wide. I love zirconit is beautiful. Sarah.