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Why Zoom Teeth Whitening?

Over time, most people experience tooth discolouration, which can result from aging, drinking or eating foods that stain or from smoking.

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Why Zoom Teeth Whitening?

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  1. Why Zoom Teeth Whitening

  2. Over time, most people experience tooth discolouration, which can result from aging, drinking or eating foods that stain or from smoking. The good news is zoom teeth whitening Melbourne clinic now offer a treatment that can help to whiten your teeth, giving you a whiter, more beautiful smile. While many teeth whitening options are available today, Zoom teeth whitening has become a popular choice for many reasons. If you’re considering zoom teeth whitening Melbourne, here are just a few of the reasons why this teeth whitening procedure makes an excellent choice. BOOK AN APPOINTMENT TODAY

  3. How Zoom Teeth Whitening Melbourne Clinics Can Help You Before looking at the benefits of Zoom teeth whitening and the reasons to choose this treatment, it is important to understand how this procedure works. This treatment is an in-office teeth whitening treatment and it begins by ensuring that your gums and lips are protected before the whitening procedure begins. Then, the special Zoom whitening gel is applied to your teeth, which works with the special Zoom light to break up discoloration and stains by penetrating your teeth. BOOK AN APPOINTMENT TODAY

  4. After the gel is applied, it stays on your teeth while the Zoom light activates the gel. It is applied for a total of three 15-minute sessions under the Zoom light. After having Zoom teeth whitening done, dentists apply a special fluoride paste that helps to reduce problems with tooth sensitivity after having the teeth whitening procedure completed. BOOK AN APPOINTMENT TODAY

  5. Tooth Whitening Before Other Cosmetic Dental Procedures In some cases, your dentist may want you to have Zoom teeth whitening done before other cosmetic dental procedures are completed. If you plan to have composite bonding or veneers applied, then your dentist may have you go through the whitening treatment to make it easier to match the restoration and your teeth. BOOK AN APPOINTMENT TODAY

  6. The Procedure is Quick and Easy Zoom teeth whitening Melbourne clinics are a popular as zoom teeth whitening is such a quick and easy procedure. Since it requires three quick 15- minute phases, you can usually be done and out of the dentist’s office in an hour or less. The procedure is very simple and many individuals appreciate that they can easily fit this whitening treatment into their busy life. The best part is that this treatment is completed within a single visit, so you don’t have to go back to the office multiple times to complete your teeth whitening treatment. BOOK AN APPOINTMENT TODAY

  7. No Discomfort to Worry About With Zoom teeth whitening, there is no discomfort to worry about. There is no heat from the Zoom light, so you don’t have to worry about the light causing discomfort. While the mouth has to remain open during the procedure, most people feel little discomfort and find the teeth whitening treatment easy to deal with when it is completed. BOOK AN APPOINTMENT TODAY

  8. Natural, Noticeable Results Of course, the natural, noticeable results definitely make Zoom teeth whitening an excellent whitening choice. Some whitening options, especially over the counter choices, may not provide noticeable results. When your Zoom teeth whitening procedure is complete, you’ll notice excellent results and the treatment can offer whitening of up to eight shades. Not only are the results noticeable, but they look natural as well, which is definitely important. While you want a brighter, whiter smile, you want to make sure that your teeth still maintain their natural look. BOOK AN APPOINTMENT TODAY

  9. Long Lasting Results Zoom teeth whitening also provides long lasting results, so once you pay for this treatment, you can enjoy the results for years. In some cases, individuals may have to come back for a touch-up in a couple years, but most people find that the results look great for an extended period of time. BOOK AN APPOINTMENT TODAY

  10. Touch-Up Kits for Home Maintenance When you have the Zoom teeth whitening treatment, you’ll also be given some touch-up kits to take home for home maintenance of your whiter smile. The kit includes teeth trays and whitening gel that you can use at home. This way you can regularly maintain your whitening results, which makes your bright, white smile last much longer. BOOK AN APPOINTMENT TODAY

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