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Apply Bank Guarantee – Bank Guarantee Process PowerPoint Presentation
Apply Bank Guarantee – Bank Guarantee Process

Apply Bank Guarantee – Bank Guarantee Process

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  1. Bank Guarantee (BG - MT760) For Importers & Exporters Bronze Wing Trading L.L.C.

  2. This Slide Contain: • Bank Guarantee Information • Bank Guarantee Process • Bank Guarantee Video • Bank Guarantee Provider

  3. Bank Guarantee or BG MT760 is a guarantee given by the bank in behalf of their client (importer). BG helps companies to do trade globally that they wouldn’t make it happen without BG. Bank Guarantee is used to guarantee the payment and to prove their financial bona fides and capability to do trade. Availing Bank Guarantee protect both parties from credit risk To get more details on Bank Guarantee, visit: Bank Guarantee Information

  4. Buyer/Developer will provide the trade deal details such as pro forma invoice or SPA or contract of their transaction to Bronze Wing Trading. • BWTwill study the details between buyer & seller and will inform the concerned parties about the approval or rejection of their application. • If their request is approved, we will sign the service agreement and quote the issuance fee charges, admin charges and inform the further process. • Once the admin charges are paid, we will start working on their request & send the BG draft for their review. • Once it is finalized from the client end, we will ask the client to pay the issuance fee charges. And also, we will request them to provide the further documents. • Once we received the charges & documents, we will establish the required BG from our European bank account. Also, it will be issued via swift MT760 within 48 working hours . Bank Guarantee Process

  5. Bank Guarantee Process Avail Bank Guarantee Now

  6. Bank Guarantee Video Youtube Vimeo Metacafe Not able to view video in slide? Watch Here Avail Bank Guarantee Now

  7. Bank Guarantee Provider • We, Bronze Wing Trading LLChelp our clients by providing the required Bank Guarantee from our rated European Bank without obtaining any financial collateral. • Why Choose Us? • Our Rates are extremely Competitive • We do not require any Collateral • Your deal will be closed within time (24 HRS - T&Cs apply) • Our years of experience & worldwide approach • European banks of good repute

  8. Contact Us Facebook Twitter 00971-4-5519699 Linkedin Office 3002, 30th Floor,Aspect Tower, Executive Towers-D, Al-Sa'ada Street, Business Bay, Dubai,United Arab Emirates. YouTube Get Free Quote Now