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Clinical Data Management Training and Clinical Research

Ikyaglobaledu provides clinical data management training in hyderabad and clinical research training with 100% placement assistance.

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Clinical Data Management Training and Clinical Research

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  1. Clinical Research, Clinical Data Management training

  2. Clinical Research: The National Institutes of Health [NIH] explains “clinical research” as study administered with human subjects or on elements of human origin like specimens, tissues, etc., for which a researcher interacts directly with human subjects. In vitro studies are not included in this as they are not linked to a living individual. Clinical research comprises of clinical trials, which are investigations that analyze the efficacy and safety of medical devices or drugs. These investigations are carried out in line with a formal protocol, which categorizes what kind of patient can participate, what is being measured, when and how much treatment is given, and the overall duration of the study. Clinical Trial Phases: Clinical trials advance in phases, making headway toward use for patient care after the drug/device has been thoroughly studied for effectiveness and safety. The stages of clinical trials, which each new treatment must pass to be introduced into the market include:

  3. Research Techniques Used in Clinical Research: There is numerous research techniques used for clinical research such as descriptive, exploratory, and experimental studies. Descriptive Research: Descriptive research makes surveillance about patients or health-related conditions. Usually, this investigation includes a small sample of patients and intensively studies them to get an idea into the subject of interest. Some examples of these include qualitative research, case-studies, surveys, etc. Exploratory Research: Exploratory research probes patients or conditions that have not been widely studied. Exploratory research looks to explain or define a problem. Many a times, relationships or associations are looked for so as to better understand a disease or disorder. For example, a study may uncover a link between lifestyle factors and a particular disease. Examples that include such are case-control studies, cohort studies, pilot studies, and historical research.

  4. The CDM process, like a clinical trial, starts with the final product in the mind, which means that the entire procedure is planned in keeping the deliverable in view. As a clinical trial is projected to resolve the research question, the CDM procedure is designed to hand over an error-free, effectual, and statistically well-grounded database. To meet this aim, the CDM procedure begins early, even before the finalization of the study protocol. The top 10 pharmacological companies listed in the Fortune 500 companies earn more than the rest of the 490 companies listed! Well, that surely tells the story! The future looks bright and promising for clinical research and clinical data management, and it would only seem prudent to give this career a thought. Ikyaglobal.edu is one of the leaders in training people in Clinical Data Management and making them industry-ready. For more information about clinical data management training visit http://www.ikyaglobaledu.net/Clinical-data-management-trainings-hyderabad.php

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