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Concrete Floor Grinder PowerPoint Presentation
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Concrete Floor Grinder

Concrete Floor Grinder

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Concrete Floor Grinder

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  1. Innovatech Products

  2. Introducing Innovatech’s Floor Removal Wizard Machine – The Terminator Think that floor removal is one of the more easily handled tasks of home and property renovation? You are very much mistaken my friend! This is one activity that will keep you on your toes and have you running from pillar to post, trying to handle the job in a proper manner. But if you have the right tools at your disposal, the task can be managed easily and effectively. Introducing Terminator – the world renowned floor removal machine from Innovatech that will make the job easy for you! Visit to know more!When it comes to floor maintenance and upkeep, there is no other company that is more trusted and relied upon by construction workers across the world than Innovatech. They offer the best, most effective, most economical, and most handy tools and equipment to make the entire task of floor renovation as easy as a cake walk!“The Terminator has proven itself capable of removing carpet, VCT, vinyl, ceramics, hardwoods, elastomerics, epoxies, decorative coatings, roofing materials, sport courts, and many other surface coverings and flooring products. From elastomeric coatings on a cruise ship to the parquet wood floor of the Boston Garden, to the carpet and tile in Seattle's Space Needle Restaurant, when you have a tough floor removal job you will turn to the Terminator. Clients will find that Innovatech offers an extensive line of products to meet a wide variety of flooring needs. From polishing and grinding to dust collection and floor removal, we have your flooring needs covered. When removal is the need, our Terminator line of tile and carpet removal machines stands up to any task,” explains the owner of Innovatech and the website, tile, vinyl, ceramics, cpoxies – there is nothing that the Terminator cannot handle. This machine truly is the best floor removal solution that you can ever get.For more information about the company or to browse through the various floor removal, grinding ,and concrete polishing products that they offer, please visit the website.

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  5. Contact Information :: Innovatech Address:832 80th St. SW., Everett, Washington, United States,98203 Phone:800-267-6682Fax:425-402-8547 Website: