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Men's Underwear Styles That Last Long

This article talks about the various men's underwear styles that have been providing men with the best support and protection down there.

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Men's Underwear Styles That Last Long

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  1. Men’s Underwear Styles That Last Long It was a long time ago that men were clueless about their intimate hygiene, and the kind of men’s underwear they preferred to wear. As one can see now, men have come a long way since then and are now more concerned about their intimate health as well as their choices. However, the one thing that has not changed is the men’s apparel drawer that still has pieces he bought some years ago. Gross! But it is the truth. Now that the "cat is out of the bag" it is worthwhile considering the psychological nature of underwear purchasing and why some men seem to avoid it. However, this article talks about the various men’s underwear styles that have been providing men with the best support and protection down there. • Men’s brief underwear The evergreen underclothing style, men’s brief underwear has stood tall throughout these years and is still the most favorite of men of all the age groups. First introduced in the year 1935 by Jockey, the style has not lost its charm even after going under several changes in terms of cuts, designs and colors. All the years, briefs have been largely viewed as a functional garment with little interest in fashionable style. Eventually, the style took a leap from plain supportive to being sporty as well when other brands took the command and started designing their kind of briefs.

  2. Intymen is one of the sportiest brands that manufacture apparel style that are equally functional and sporty as they are appealing. The range of briefs by the label is available in all the sporty cuts, coverage as well as is incorporated with enhancing contraptions in order to provide a better appeal. • Men’s boxer brief underwear

  3. The elongated version of the briefs and meant for athletic activities, men’s boxer brief underwear provides the best of both worlds (briefs and boxers). The last few decades have proved the popularity of the tight boxers because of the need of wanting something that gives a better fit than boxers as well as the support like briefs. Whatever was the reason behind the invention of the respective style; boxer briefs have many advantages like the right support, athletic appeal, defining fit, longer coverage and more. The origins of this style make consideration in the form and fit as briefs may have been introduced into society in the late 80's early 90's. • Men’s jockstrap underwear

  4. According to Wikipedia, men’s jockstrap underwear was introduced by C.F. Bennett in the year 1874 for the bicycle riders. The garment was intentionally made to be supportive and protective in order to keep the manhood safe from chafing, and other injuries that could happen because of cycling. Gradually sportsmen felt the need of this particular undergarment for various sports like rugby, soccer and others that could prove harmful for their family treasure. Much later, designers introduced the fashion underwear range of jockstraps that are apt for everyday wear as well as special occasions. These apparel styles have been there for long and are believed to be the most trusted and supportive of them all. However, styles like men’s thong underwear can also be equally supportive if made with the intent.

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