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Key Challenges of Converting Online Shoppers PowerPoint Presentation
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Key Challenges of Converting Online Shoppers

Key Challenges of Converting Online Shoppers

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Key Challenges of Converting Online Shoppers

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  1. E-commerce has changed the way people shop all over the world.

  2. Online buying has grown exponentially

  3. Businesses will have to capitalize on this growth opportunity

  4. Users browse through your website looking for a different customer experience or a unique product.

  5. Since customers spend a lot of time on virtual stores, businesses need to come up with something attractive to engage them.

  6. Here are Some Challenges of Converting Online Shoppers

  7. The Price is Right

  8. Converting a browser who is in the age group of 16-24 is the most difficult as better deals on rival websites can easily grab their attention.

  9. Seasonal Offers

  10. Conversion rates sky- rocket during festivities as everyone is looking for deals, discount offers and freebies.

  11. Old is Gold

  12. New businesses find it difficult to attract new customers who are loyal to established websites.

  13. Aesthetics, Convenience, Speed

  14. If websites are sluggish or aesthetically displeasing or various steps are involved in making a purchase, customers just abandon their purchase in the cart and rarely return to such websites.

  15. Here are 7 trust indicators that convert online browsers to customers

  16. 1.Testimonials

  17. This is where real people tell real stories.

  18. Pictures of happy and satisfied customers add to the visual impact of the web page.

  19. 2.Business Awards

  20. Being awarded for your work by industry leaders and associations increases your credibility in the eyes of consumers.

  21. 3.Product Reviews

  22. Product reviews by persons who have actually used the product acts as a sales booster.

  23. 4.Shopping Certificates

  24. In these times of growing online fraud, customers are skeptical about leaving their card information with the store.

  25. Secure shopping certificates such as SSL(secure socket layer) certificates alleviates their fear and enhances their shopping experience.

  26. 5.Multiple Shipping Options

  27. Trustworthy and efficient logistics partner is an integral part of today’s online business.

  28. On-time arrival, free returns and free shipping options are excellent methods of winning over customer’s trust.

  29. 6.Convenient Returns

  30. A sound return policy with no extra charges is highly appreciated by customers.

  31. 7.Customer Support

  32. Online businesses must provide multiple customer support channels to resolve their grievances at the earliest.

  33. Online businesses have to design their website in such a way that visitors have the same feeling as visiting an actual brick-and-mortar store.

  34. Online businesses must also offer seamless sales and assistance when the need arises.

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