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Home Cleaning Services Melbourne PowerPoint Presentation
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Home Cleaning Services Melbourne

Home Cleaning Services Melbourne

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Home Cleaning Services Melbourne

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  1. Tips for Carpet Cleaning We call our houses as a home because that is a place where we share a bond and live together with our families. Keeping our home clean and tidy is one of the important tasks. Despite our best efforts, there is always something left to clean or dirt keeps adding on. Most times, after finishing with all cleaning and while we sit to relax, we might notice the carpet under our feet is not so clean as we thought. When all is done, cleaning the carpets with stains and hard, sticky things can be a strenuous job. Hence, here are a few tips, which are useful for carpet cleaning Bayside in an easier and smarter way, that can be done in few minutes. Blot the stains When something spills over on the carpet, the first thing most of us do is take a cloth and rub it, which is a wrong method of cleaning as the stains will only spread along and might be difficult to clean later. Blot the stains immediately with a sponge, clean cloth or paper towels and let it absorb without spreading it. The club soda technique Had a party? Well, it's common to have beer and other drinks stain on the carpet after a night of party. Dab a bit of club soda on a piece of clean cloth and blot the stains. If this method does not clean it completely, you can also clean with an equal mix of vinegar and water in a sprayer. Spray the mix on the stains, blot it and later clean it with warm water, allow it to absorb with paper towels and let it dry. Shaving cream to remove stains All houses do have a shaving cream in their bathroom cabinets. Just apply a little cream for any kind of stain and let it soak for about 30 minutes. After half an hour, blot the shaving cream away with a white cloth. Clean the place with equal measures of vinegar and water in a sprayer and spraying it where the shaving cream was applied. Freeze the sticky gums The tasty chewing gums are good as long as it is in the mouth, but with a house full of children, can have the half chewed gums sticking here and there and is extremely difficult to clean if it sticks to the carpet. Sometimes it is also possible to come sticking to our footwear from the outside and then stick

  2. to the carpets. The best and easy way to remove these gums sticking to our carpet is by freezing the gums with ice cubes for about 30 minutes. Once it becomes hard, take it out with the help of a spoon. Hydrogen peroxide for blood stains Sometimes there is a possibility of carpets having blood stains during any minor accidents at home and it is usually hard to clean once the stain dries up with red marks all over the carpet. Using hydrogen peroxide to clean blood spots on carpets is one of the best solutions. Blot the stain with water initially and remove it as much as possible. Use hydrogen peroxide later to remove the remaining stains. Blood reacts with hydrogen peroxide immediately with foams as soon as it is applied. Clean it with a white cloth. You can hire any person who can give your house as Professional Cleaning Services!