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How Technology is driving education?

Until a few years ago, teachers only used verbal communication and physical notes to impart education. With easy and affordable access to technology, mordern education system is adopting modern day methods like smart classrooms. Here is a brief description on how it is helping out students to gain most of the knowledge out of new technologies.

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How Technology is driving education?

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  1. How technology is driving education?

  2. INTRODUCTION: • Few years ago, teachers used to communicate verbally and teaches with physical notes to impart education. With technological advancement, today, we are witnessing changing trends in teaching and learning. • But it would be not able to replace teachers. However, teachers can take help of technology while imparting knowledge, skills and attributes to their students through these technological changes. Let’s find out what these techniques include:

  3. SMART CLASSROOMS Smart classrooms foster opportunities for teaching and learning by integrating learning technology, like computers, specialized software, audience response technology, assistive listening devices, networking, and audio/visual capabilities helpful in teaching different languages. Most of the best schools in Jaipurhave installed these classrooms to benefit their students with this opportunity.

  4. VIDEO BASED LEARNING Researchers suggest that human mind remembers an audio-visual text more compared to usual reading. Creative content filled videos, helps students to learn easily. Videos help in learning beyond the prescribed  text books which many times are  not covered by text  so can be learned through video.

  5. INTERACTIVE SELF ASSESSMENT Most of the best schools in Jaipurare using interactive self-assessment system which is an alternative to simple multiple choice or pen and paper tests. It uses audiovisuals to liven the testing process and provides digital tests with instant feedback, allowing children to know where they stand. Online knowledge banks are a great way for students to test their knowledge and apply skills in a non-classroom environment.

  6. ONLINE EDUCATION FORUMS Online forums refer to websites which hold a conversation through posted messages. It has seen that online spaces created for teachers and students help them to interact with each other or among themselves, to discuss various subjects and topics. Teachers who cannot be physically present in a place are highly benefiting students with such forums. They can easily connect with students over the internet and impart knowledge.

  7. GAME BASED LEARNING It allows children to learn by playing games. These games are based on subjects to develop the child’s cognitive abilities. These games help kids to learn about day-to-day life

  8. AUDIO LIBRARY An audio library helps students to learn literature and poetry. It helps in preserving the culture and history of our forefathers by passing on the knowledge gained in past to future generation. It includes a collection of recorded books which are taken from both classical and contemporary literature.

  9. ABOUT JPHS • JayshreePeriwal High School in Jaipur is an English medium school, which is affiliated with Central Board of Secondary Education New Delhi (CBSE board New Delhi), it provides day boarding facilities and ranked among best boarding school in jaipur. • At JPHS, we lay a strong emphasis basic skills and aim to tap and cater to individual needs of a student as we believe in the intrinsic uniqueness of each child as far as learning abilities and talents are concerned. JPHShas implanted all the digital techniques for the betterment of students.

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