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3 Things To Do Before Approaching a Digital Marketing Consulting Company PowerPoint Presentation
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3 Things To Do Before Approaching a Digital Marketing Consulting Company

3 Things To Do Before Approaching a Digital Marketing Consulting Company

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3 Things To Do Before Approaching a Digital Marketing Consulting Company

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  1. September 6, 2017 3 Things To Do Before Approaching a Digital Marketing Consulting Company So, you've finally decided that it's time to expand your company's digital marketing reach. Now, what’s your plan? Unless you possess a lot of time and an expertise in digital marketing platforms, methods and metrics, your best move forward is to hire a digital marketing consulting company. A good consultant will also make sure that you're always on the cutting edge of technology, which means less of a time commitment from you. 1

  2. Here are some tips to make your meeting with a digital marketing consultant a success. Know What You Want Before You Meet It's a good idea to some a little about various digital marketing platforms and industry-related jargon. Sure, you're hiring them for their expertise, but how will you know the professionals from the fakers if you're confused by slick talk that means nothing. It's to your benefit to know what on-page optimization is and to have some idea of whether you'd benefit most from traditional SEO or local SEO. You should also have a firm idea of what you hope to achieve by hiring a consultant, and know how to determine whether they can deliver. Be prepared to fully describe your products or services and who they will benefit. A seasoned digital marketing consultant doesn't just know the ins and outs of optimization. They also know instinctively which social platforms are better for some types of businesses than others and the best ways to incorporate them. Prepare the Right Questions Before you begin interviewing advisers, have some questions in mind. Go back to your original business plan to revisit your goals and benchmarks. Ask each candidate how their services will help you reach those milestones and outcomes. Also try to determine if you share the same work ethic and values. Is this someone who can become passionate about your business and invested in helping you successfully market it? Who can you refer to as the point person? Are they able to effectively channel your ideas and vision to the rest of the team? Have Realistic Expectations Aside from the obvious "promote my brand, get more customers and increase sales," what do you think digital marketing will do for your business? Is that an achievable goal or are you unsure? With a little general knowledge of digital media marketing, you'll gain a firmer grasp of what is possible and what is pie-in-the-sky. Going into an initial consultation meeting with realistic expectations also helps you focus your questions and keeps you from becoming dazzled by false hopes. 2

  3. Your mindset determines the outcome of almost any situation. If you go into your consultation with an attitude of resignation to the inevitable - or even with hostility - you're not going to get much out of it. Going the digital marketing consulting route isn't usually a one-time expenditure. You're creating a partnership. Ideally, you'll work with an adviser who shares your vision and offers cost-effective, insightful consultation services for as long as it's mutually beneficial. About JTek Resources: As one of the leading digital marketing companies, we understand the needs of today's business owners. We will work hard to gain insight into your goals and use our experience to help you reach them. We believe in giving our clients realistic expectations and then exceeding them on every level. Sources: Digital Marketing Consultant: 9 Essential Skills To Become a Great One, What Does A Digital Marketing Consultant Do?, What does a digital marketing consultant do for their clients on a daily basis?, 3