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A Live Band Produces An Exceptional Atmosphere!

>> Get The Party Started With Party Bands.<br>>> What makes Live Bands so compelling?<br>>> Questions to Ask Before Hiring Party Bands.<br>>> Learn How to Hire the Best Live Bands for Your Event.<br>>> 6 Steps for Hiring a Party Band.<br>>> The Best Live Bands of All Time.

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A Live Band Produces An Exceptional Atmosphere!

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  1. A Live Band Produces An Exceptional Atmosphere!

  2. Synopsis • Get The Party Started With Party Bands • What makes Live Bands so compelling? • Questions to Ask Before Hiring Party Bands • Learn How to Hire the Best Live Bands for Your Event • 6 Steps for Hiring a Party Band • The Best Live Bands of All Time

  3. Get The Party Started With Party Bands • Visual Impression • Guests can see and react to a live Party Band’s intensity and enthusiasm. • Atmosphere • A live Party Band generates an atmosphere that gets partygoers dancing and makes the celebration unforgettable. • Sight and Sound • These define the success of party and a live Party Band offers both - not just worn, unexciting recordings of the same songs. • Energy • A live Party Band stimulates a crowd with tangible, infectious energy. Partygoers instantly feel it and it immediately enhances the celebration. • Action • A live Party Band directs the action. It essentially keeps the party going.

  4. What makes Live Bands so compelling? • Being in the audience of a Live Band is exciting and highly enjoyable. It heightens the listening pleasure of music more so than a radio or disc by appealing to all of your senses. The highlights include surround-sound, light shows, and an audience that shares the love and support of the music being played. Fans love seeing their favorite musicians up close. The performance from the musicians is also an important highlight that fans crave the most. They enjoy being absorbed by all that the live bands convey. The musicians also enjoy and feed off of interaction with their fans. Fans and musicians making a great turnout for each other.

  5. What makes Live Bands so compelling? • Another compelling highlight of live bands is the social interaction Attending events hosted by live bands is a social activity preferred by many. We all live busy lives and hardly get out to socialize with others. Live Bands offer a great deal of social interaction and can help with the strengthening of social skills. The environment bursting of fans is a great source of social interaction. Letting fans enjoy the experience and performance together. The musicians also enjoy the social interaction. They crave the response of enjoyment from their fans during their performances. • Live Bands are also a big stress reliever. Stress reduction is great for your overall health. Live bands offer a fantastic and simple source of stress therapy. We all can benefit from less stress in our lives. Fans love getting out and lost within the music being played, drawing the experience in even deeper. The events hosted by live bands can have a positive impact on someone's mood by lifting their spirits and offering an escape and a distraction from their busy lives. An individual becomes calmer, full of smiles and laughter, and tension eases from the stressors that life brings. Live bands offer good therapy for the health: mind, body, and soul. Participating in the events hosted by live bands offers reward and incentive for the fans and its musicians alike.

  6. Questions to Ask Before Hiring Party Bands • Ask them about their style of music. Something very loud like rock music may not be suitable for some gatherings. Therefore, you should ask it before finalizing your decision. • Ask them if they are comfortable playing songs that you select. You may want your band to play your favorite pop hit, but not all of them will be in a position to play it right. Therefore, you should inquire it before you let them play on your special day. • Ask them about the number of musicians they have in their band. You should also ask how many of them will play on your special day. This will also help you get an idea if the band you have selected will be able to perform in the space you have available on the stage. A good idea is to hire a portion of a great band to save some money in the process. • Ask them if they need any special lighting or effects to perform or they will arrange everything on their own. Knowing it in advance will prevent misunderstandings. You may want to hire party bands that know how to create an atmosphere with fog machines and other special equipment. Just bear in mind that the bands that offer more than the tunes are going to charge a lot. Therefore, you may want to consider your budget constrains when hiring them. • Ask them for how long they will be playing at your party. They may have different packages, but you should pay special attention to the number of hours. Here, you should also ask how many breaks to expect. Good bands will have backup plans when they take short breaks. So, be sure to learn about this aspect before you decide to hire a specific band.

  7. Learn How to Hire the Best Live Bands for Your Event • Check their style first. Never hire a band until you have confirmed that their style will suit your party or event. Some live bands just cannot create the vibe you may be interested in, and that is why you should avoid making a hasty decision here. You may not want to opt for a band that is more of a "rock-and-roll" type of band if you are hosting an elegant cocktail party. When people want to enjoy casual conversations, something that is very loud will serve as an annoyance. Therefore, you should be very careful about this aspect and ensure that you select a right live band as per the nature of your event. • Watch them perform at other events. Another good way to ensure that you have hired the best band is to go see them perform at another event. Even when you have friends who can vouch for a band, watching them perform live is still the best thing to do. This way, you will get to know how they handle everything in the real world. You can also tell how engaging their performances are, and this may help you decide whether to opt for that band or not. • Consider hiring a live band that may have already performed in the venue you have selected. Live bands with little knowledge about your reception space may find it difficult to manage everything on your special day. With knowledge about your reception space, a live band will have a better idea about the power, acoustic, and amplification requirements for that space. Depending on your venue, your musicians may require an extension cord, generators, and other supplies too. Therefore, it is a good idea to hire someone who knows what it takes to give a perfect performance in your selected reception space.

  8. 6 Steps for Hiring a Party Band • Pick a genre • Party bands come in all shapes and sizes. The first step in hiring a party band is picking a band that will play the type of music you would like. Many party bands specialize in a type of music or theme. There are rock bands, decade-themed bands, cover bands, kids bands and a variety of other specialties. It is good to be clear on what type of music you would like at your party before looking for a good party band. • Research • Party bands are more accessible than people think. Researching a party band could be done on the internet. Many party bands have websites, and videos to advertise their services. Even with the internet, the best way to research a band is through word of mouth. Ask a friend that was recently married or threw a party. They may know some great party bands and can help you get in contact with the party band. • Check their references • Once you have a party band that you think is a good fit check their references. Ask people that may have used the party band before. These people can give an honest opinion. If you don’t know anyone, ask the party band if they have any references they can provide. • Some good questions to ask the references would be if the band showed up on time? Did they play throughout the whole set? Were they accommodating to the crowd? How were they?

  9. 6 Steps for Hiring a Party Band • Audition • Party bands are not made equally. It is important to audition the party band. The best way is to ask the band if you can check out their next performance. This is good because you can see the party band in action. If the band does not have a performance for you to watch you can ask them to play something for you. You want to make sure that the party band sound matches the sound you would like for your party. • Hire the Party Band • If the bands sound matches what you are looking for it is time for the contract. It is good to make sure that both you and the party band are on the same page about expectation and payments. When hiring the band it is good to know what time they will come to set up, will they require additional equipment and when are they expecting payment. These are just a few of the things that should be gone over before the day of the event. • Party • You went through all this work now you deserve to party. Let the party band do its job and keep you dancing all night. If they do a great job be sure to let everyone know how great the party band did so they can get more gigs.

  10. The Best Live Bands of All Time • The Who • Live bands have a lot to owe to the who for creating some of the most iconic moves that rock bands still use to this day. Smashing guitars? The Who did it first. Explosions on stage? Once again, The Who. Swinging the mic by its cord? You guessed it, The Who. Aside from them shattering conventions of the time and being revolutionary, The Who rocked the stage hard. They played louder and harder than any band during their run • Pink Floyd • Live bands in the 70s and 80s could not compete with Pink Floyd for one huge reason, and it wasn’t their music. One of the greatest parts of going to a live Pink Floyd concert were the visuals. Various props and lighting techniques combined with original and immersive backdrops made every Pink Floyd concert an experience. Concert goers were experiencing more than just the bands unique sounds, they were transported on a journey with the band.

  11. The Best Live Bands of All Time • Led Zeppelin • Live bands can sometimes have a bit of tension between the members and still put on a great show. Case in point: Jimmy Page and Robert Plant. Though these two were constantly bickering behind the curtains, they shared a mutual love of music and never let their fans down at a show. Led Zeppelin packed arenas with tens and hundreds of thousands of people and amazed them all with the grandiosity of their music. Never very flashy, but the pure talent of this band made for a rockin’ good show every time. • Queen • Live bands can sometimes be enthralling not because of the band, but because of just one of the musicians. This was very much the case for Queen. Brian May is almost certainly regarded as one of the greatest rock guitarists of all time, though not for his stage presence. When Queen was on the stage, the spotlight was usually on one man, vocalist Freddie Mercury. His vocal performances were mind blowing and monumental. Every song was him giving it all and crowds always ate it up. Mercury was a natural showman and one best rock band front men of all time.

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