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The Auto Detailing Guide

1. Caring For A Classic Car.<br>2. The Details of Auto Detailing.<br>3. Second Hand Sale? Don't forget to Detail.<br>4. Detailing and Damages.

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The Auto Detailing Guide

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  1. Synopsis 1. Caring For A Classic Car 2. The Details of Auto Detailing 3. Second Hand Sale? Don't forget to Detail 4. Detailing and Damages

  2. Caring For A Classic Car • Many people wash their car at the weekends, but for Classic car lovers cleaning the car has become ritual. With restoration bills for paintwork an expensive prospect, and some vintage car colors no longer available to their true tint, it is small wonder that an owner will lovingly buff and polish the chrome until it shines. Waxes and polishes are used not just to buff the paintwork to showroom standards but also to add that extra bit of protection to the surface of the vehicle. • But it's not only the exterior of the car that gets the VIP treatment. The interior or cabin also gets a deep cleaning alongside the engine. With every inch of a car part of its heritage, all seals, buttons, trim and seams are carefully cleaned to perfection. • The same can be said for rims and other metal work on the car. With rust being vintage car cancer and spare parts a rare thing to come by, upkeep on perishable parts is even more important. Sourcing replacement components can be difficult and it's not unheard of for classic auto enthusiasts to buy multiples of the same vehicle simply for the upkeep of one. • A professional mechanic will also be a big part of your cars regular maintenance. Even if you have put your car together yourself from recycles parts, certain tests such as MOT and emissions tests will need to be carried out by a certified mechanic. Getting the car checked regularly by another pair of eyes is also a good idea, even if there is nothing seemingly wrong with the motor. • And of course, when going to the great expense of buying and maintaining a classic or vintage motor it is imperative that you have some method of shelter for her during harsh weather. A garage, of course, is ideal for this as it prevents water damage and the prospect of rust. When maintaining a classic car, prevention is always better!

  3. The Details of Auto Detailing • Auto detailing involves a wide range of tools and chemicals to ensure your car's in peek, gleaming conditions both inside and out. Using waxes, polishes and shines to improve the final look of a new paint job or a spritz of fragrance to refresh the cabin, a valet make a world of difference to its appeal, longevity, and comfort. • Depending on your preference you may decide to choose from a range of auto detailing options . These include doing it yourself at home, taking it to a garage or body shop or going to a specialist. Some services will even come to you! • Whilst there are big advantages to know even just the basics of do-it-yourself detailing, a trip to a professional once in a while is far from a bad idea. With a wide range of tools, chemicals, and equipment a professional valeting service can ensure that your paint job is fresh and even, there is no corrosion, the upholstery is unstained and proofed, and that high-end interiors such as leather and wood get the correct treatments. • There are also a lot of jobs that a professional will simply be able to do to a higher standard then if you were to do it at home. For instance, whilst it is soothing to polish a car or wipe down the seats, the fact of the matter is, with the aid of a car polisher or a steam cleaner, a professional can tackle the dirt and produces better results. • Auto detailing is also a great way of changing the color of your car. With specialists able to provide re-spraying and paint stripping services, you can have the car of your dreams in the color of your choice. • Of course detailing is not just about making the car look great but is about the restoration and repairs too. Repairing scratches, dents and cracks in the windshield can be done by most garages, but for classic cars or custom paint jobs, an auto detailer will be able to ensure a flawless finish.

  4. Second Hand Sale? Don't forget to Detail • Attention to detailing is one of the surest ways to get someone to notice your car. If it’s bright, shines, looks clean and has no visible rust, then people are more likely to take a closer look. • When they do they want to see hoovered seats, a clear polished dashboard and no stones in the footwell. The tires need to be fully pumped with nothing grotty stuck in the wheels, the headlights need to be aligned and the number plate visible and un-cracked. • It's easy to neglect these aspects of car care in favor of running it through a car wash or giving it a quite hose down at home. But when it comes to selling, it really benefits to do it properly. • Rinsing the car down to remove loose dirt will really help clean a car much more quickly. Using a solution of warm, soapy car water to remove dirt and grease, however, do not neglect areas around the arches, the grill or the door rim. For those will taller vehicles, a soft broom can also be beneficial. • Next, it is important to towel the car dry, following it with a wax, polish and buff to ensure no steaks and a streamlined appearance. Pay attention to the windows, inside and out, and ensure door handles are immaculate. You don't want your buyer getting a nasty surprise! • Inside the car a thorough vacuuming is in order, all the while scrutinizing the creases in the seats, shaking out the mats and getting into every crevasse. You can wipe down gear sticks and hard interior with a wet duster. A new air freshener will make your car smell great whilst clipping in seatbelts can add the final touch in a sale, proving the main safety aspect of your vehicle is functional.

  5. Detailing and Damages • Dent Removal – Let's face it, no matter how skilled you are with a hammer, you probably aren't going to pop that dent out so the surface is back to a smooth finish. Chances are the panel will still have a few grooves in it and perchance even some missing paint. Mechanics have special equipment for restoration to body-work that produces a manufacture grade result. • Windscreen Repairs – T Windscreens with a chip can crack at any point in a car's journey. All it takes is for one pothole to cause a small chip or crack to shatter. Windscreen repairs can be as basic as having to fill the chip with an acrylic resin depending on the size and position in the wind-shield. However, chips in front of the steering wheel or larger cracks may require a full windscreen replacement. • Wielding – Yes everyone has reattached their exhaust with cable ties at one point or another. It seems like a harmless, inexpensive way to get from point A to point B, but the truth is without the proper repairs, the vehicle is unsafe. By having an exhaust or other parts of your car re-wielded, you cut down on the risk of accidents when on the move, of leaking emissions, and further structural damage in the example of the exhaust. • Scratches– Whilst paint pens are a great way of covering scraps in your cars paintwork, often as not they are not the perfect result. With the ability to perform re-sprays and paint- removal, a professional body-works detailer can provide you with an immaculate, flawless finish that will make you want to polish it until it shines. • Stenches and Spills – Whilst it is never a nice thought, certain bodily exudation and other substances such as forgotten food left to fester can cause our cars to smell less than fresh. Add to this the probability of a stain left untreated and you will be begging someone else to do the scrubbing. With equipment along the lines of stream cleaners, upholstery vacuums and detailing air fresheners, a professional clean is sure to have your car looking and smelling gorgeous.

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