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How my fear of IT Outsourcing Services got crumpled

Some companies need someone on-site all the time or have key personnel that need extra attention, so having an in-house IT person on payroll makes sense. Most companies do not have these needs and it is more cost-efficient to outsource IT, with the added benefit of an IT team supporting their needs. One of our client recently shared their opinion about outsourcing. Let’s have a look.<br>

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How my fear of IT Outsourcing Services got crumpled

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  1. How my fear of How my fear of IT O IT Outsourcing utsourcing Services Services got crumpled got crumpled We recently interviewed one of our clients, who is the IT Practice Lead at one of the IT solutions companies based in Dallas. In his interview, the client shared how (once upon a time) the word outsourcing freaked him out. But as he worked with ISHIR, one of the best IT outsourcing service providers (as per him), his fears got alleviated. ISHIR’s development team has been helping the client to develop customized software. http://cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net/80b6f074b32754ed43dfeff8b2c0c63a.jpg Tell us about your project. We required an Intranet (for our employees) with a document management system. There were two key requirements, which were integration of workflow and single user authentication process. We wanted to allow users to digitally check out and check in documents to the workflow. The management decided not to invest in any Microsoft technologies. Since we did not have the internal expertise, we considered outsourcing the software development project to an IT outsourcing company in India. We wanted the application to be developed using .NET MVC architecture with SQL Server and Windows Authentication.

  2. Why did you choose to work with ISHIR? ISHIR was not our first choice for the project. We started working with this company, all right let me not name them but just call them Feign. After a few months of starting the project with Feign, we faced major issues related to deliveries. Lack of communication and transparency and misunderstood requirements was a common feature. We lost too much time with them before calling off the alliance. It was then that one of my friends strongly recommended ISHIR. His organization had worked with ISHIR before and were delighted in every aspect. Even though I was quite apprehensive about outsourcing due to the nightmare we lived with Feign, but decided to try ISHIR due to the strong recommendation. One after the other, we had issues with Feign and we realized how ISHIR dealt with all the challenges in the most mature and professional manner. The ISHIR team was not only skilled but also process-oriented and meticulous to our needs, feedback and were able to deliver as per our expectations. How did ISHIR match up to your expectations? I was amazed how process-oriented, attentive and agile ISHIR was. The team was always proactive to communicate, seek approvals and report the status. Every time we had a feedback, it was taken seriously and incorporated at the earliest. Let me tell you something with utmost confidence. Communication is ISHIR’s key strength. Regular teleconferences, as per our time zone and availability, and daily reports gave us transparency about what was happening in the project. The team used Jira, one of the most efficient project management tools that gave us the exact status on every task. The other issue with Feign was that our in-house team complained that they spent a lot of time fixing the bugs in the modules delivered. Since the bugs were detected late in the development cycle, we spent more time, effort and money than expected. The ISHIR team proactively suggested that we re-compile and build the software every time any developer submitted the code. The approach helped us to detect bugs early and fix them before a lot of delay. There also was a lot of emphasis on testing and user-experience. The developers worked closely with our in-house team and collaborated with them for feedback and also provide their inputs. We were also quite impressed with the thoroughness of their technical documentation to ensure that helped us to better understand their work. Will you consider outsourcing again?

  3. While Feign was our outsourcing nightmare, ISHIR helped us get rid of our fear of outsourcing. The team was more responsive and helpful and the Project Manager was more proactive and eager to support our needs. So yes, outsourcing is definitely on our plans. Will you consider working with ISHIR again? Given the brilliant shape of our Intranet, we already have shortlisted another project for ISHIR. It is a pleasure to work with such a professional and thorough software development company. We will also strongly recommend ISHIR to others. If you’re struggling with your own outsourcing doubts, you can speak to one of our experts to address all your concerns. To read it online, please click here: http://www.ishir.com/blog/4603/fear-outsourcing-services- got-crumpled.htm/?utm_source=social%20media&utm_medium=social%20media

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