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Kaleswari Travels

Kaleswari Travels

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Kaleswari Travels

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  1. Kaleswari Travels Terms & Conditions

  2. Kaleswari Travels • Important terms and conditions that Kaleswari Travels follows are as follows. • Keep your baggage, luggage and belongings safe. The ticket is valid for the particular journey to which it is issued. • Your personal baggage or luggage should be taken care of yourself. Avoid carrying expensive things like jewels, ornaments, cash and other important things with you.

  3. Kaleswari Travels

  4. Kaleswari Travels • Bus tickets are not transferable. The name mention on the ticket should be the as identity card. Incorrect details or any other traveler traveling in your ticket leads to ticket cancellation by the administration. • Drunken passengers, disturbing co-passengers, sexual harassment will lead to ticket cancellation and without refund. • Kaleswari Travelshas the right to cancel, postpone, reserve, bus delay and also have full rights to change passenger seat especially in case of emergency or any problem.

  5. Kaleswari Travels • All travelers are requested to report kaleswari travel office at least 20 minutes in advance. Bus might wait at least 5 minutes if you are late. Tickets won’t be refunded, incase if you are late. • Explosive, smuggled goods and illegal are banned. • Alcohol consumption and smoking inside the bus is prohibited inside the bus. • Ticket cancellation must be informed at least before the date of travel.

  6. Kaleswari Travels • For cancellation of ticket, the passenger must inform nearest office or call kaleswari travel office. • All passengers are covered by insurance. In case of unavoidable accident which leads to sever injury, loss of life, damage to things and other loses covered. • Changes in travel time or date can be made to your booking. • Pet animals not allowed inside coach.

  7. Kaleswari Travels • Disturbing the co-passengers result in ticket cancellation. If need police compliant might be mad on troublesome passenger. • Ticket will be confirmed after payment. • For cost reduction of tickets, coupon codes are available on online. • Even ticket cancellation money will be refunded in terms of coupon code which will have expire time of at least one year.

  8. Kaleswari Travels • You can use debit or credit card or net banking for ticket payment. • Ticket cancellation money will be credited to your account in 5 to 6 working days and you will get confirmation via mail or SMS to your cell phone. • Ticket will be charged if the child is 5 year or more