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Top 10 Tea Brands In the World - Most Popular

Tea is nothing less than a magic potion that instantly refreshes the mood and senses. It is, no wonder the most favorite drink around the world, whether hot or cold, tea is something a large population of the world consume. Tea is a tradition and making tea is an art, which is why it is important to know what parts of the world makes the best custom tea boxes and which tea brands are making the best tea around the world. Tea lovers can benefit from this information and make sure to add ‘trying these brands’ into their bucket list. https://www.gocustomboxes.com/tea-boxes/

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Top 10 Tea Brands In the World - Most Popular

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  1. Smart Packaging Solution Top 10 Tea Brands In the World - Most Popular

  2. 1. Twinings Twiningsor Twinings of London is world’s oldest tea brand and is known for the most tasteful teas. This tea brand completed its 300 years in tea making and makes over 200 flavorful teas, loose tea and tea bags of all kinds. The Twinings website even offer tea accessories, recipes and tips.

  3. 2. Celestial Seasonings The tea brand from Colorado, United States makes the second best blends of tea around the world. Celestial Seasonings is known for bringing the best tea from herbal and energizing tea to chai and matcha lattes and they have just the right tea blend for every occasion.

  4. 3. Tazo Tazo manufactures deliciously unexpected tea blends and flavors for iced and hot tea bags and loose teas. The interesting tea names such as Passion, calm chamomile, chai classic, zen and awake English breakfast tells a lot about the kind of tea this brand brings for tea lovers. They make full leaf sachets, k-cup pods, hot, iced tea, latte and bottled teas and the flavor speaks for the brand.

  5. 4. Harney and Sons The organic and certified kosher tea blend manufacturer, the maestro of tea, Harney & Sons is a relatively new tea brand making tea since 34 years. This New York based tea brand not only manufactures the best organic tea, loose tea and tea bags, it also sells tea accessories, tea gifts and teaware online on their website.

  6. 5. The Republic of Tea The Republic of Tea making 300+ tea flavors is tea lover’s favorite because of the delicious tea blend and a wide variety of interesting tea flavors. They have variety of tea recipes and tea knowledge on their website for the tea lovers. The tea comes in beautiful custom tea packaging and they offer classic looking tin containers for their tea to keep the tea fresh.

  7. 6. Dilmah Founded in 1998, Dilmah is the name given to the tea brand by mixing first initials of two sons of the tea manufacturer from Sri Lanka. Dilmah offers a very beautiful looking tea packaging that adds to the reason of its fame apart from the flavor of the tea. The packaging uses variety of tea boxes wholesale and simple square box to the pretty looking glass bottles for liquid teas readily available to drink. Dilmah is tea lover’s one of the favorite brand since the time of its origin.

  8. 7. Lipton Lipton is owned by Unilever and is world’s most popular tea on the 7th number ranked on the basis of its popularity. It is not possible that tea lovers from any part of the world are not familiar with the tea brand. Lipton makes refreshing teas in all types, green tea, tea bags, tea pouches, tea packs, loose tea and all the other types of teas. The main and the most popular tea box of Lipton tea in any country is a custom tea packaging which is yellow in color and the yellow in Lipton is its identity apart from the distinctive fragrance and flavor.

  9. 8. Bigelow Bigelow tea is an American tea brand that promises to cater to your moods, any time of the day with just the perfect tea cup and tea flavor for every mood. Indulge yourself in the delicious and the most refreshing tea experience and never look back once you have had a tea cup from the Bigelow label.

  10. 9. Yorkshire Tea Yorkshire Tea is a tea blend and an identity to the tea culture on the whole. They don’t just manufacture tea; they claim to do it the right way. Yorkshire Tea leaves the corners of the tea uncut and this is how they say that the tea is made properly.

  11. 10. Tetley Tetley is a tea brand from United Kingdom and is United States third most famous tea brand by volume. The Custom Tea Packaging offered by Tetley is interesting and Tetley is also one of the oldest tea brands around the whole world.

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