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Solving Your Tax Problems PowerPoint Presentation
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Solving Your Tax Problems

Solving Your Tax Problems

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Solving Your Tax Problems

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  1. Solving Your Tax Problems

  2. Offer In Compromise Offer in compromise actually allows you to settle the tax debt for less than the entire amount you owe. Now, it might be a legitimate option if you cannot pay the full tax liability and doing it creates hardship. This is when you need the assistance of a good and experienced tax service accountant who can help you deal with this situation. They help you or avoid tax debit.

  3. Tax Lien To protect the tax interest, government introduce tax lien against the business or personal assets thereby placing tax lien. The government is entitled to seize assets, garnish wages, etc and responsible to collect the entire amount of the tax lien. Tax lien once filed would prevent you from getting credit cards. So, it is essential to act quickly. You need to take action fast and this is when tax accountants actually help you out.

  4. Wage Levy Release Did the IRS take most of the amount from your paycheck. Did you find they didn’t leave enough money for you to take care of you and your family? Well, in such a case, it is always better to consult to a tax accountant who can help you get out of this situation or avoid it once and for all. IRS adds penalties and interests on the debt immediately, these can be penalty for failure to file, etc. You need assistance to avoid it altogether.

  5. Innocent Spouse The IRS also doesn't leave you and tries to collect from your spouse what you owe. If you have faced a similar situation, it is always better to contact an tax accountant who can help you come out of this situation. If the IRS sends a notice they would seize the assets, you need to hire professionals who can actually help you avoid this situation.

  6. Payroll Tax Issues The IRS becomes very aggressive when it comes to collecting delinquent payroll taxes. However, if you have failed to withhold or pay payroll taxes, you might have to face civil or criminal sanctions, assets being seized, etc. You sure don’t want that and the best way is by hiring experts who has knowledge in payroll services and can help you avoid this.

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