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Astrology Nature, History, Methodology, Theories, and Debunking http://www.valdosta.edu/~esfreelo/psy/pop Nature By Ezra Types Eastern Hindu Western Sidereal Placidius Linked to: Tarot Palmistry Numerology Calendar Nature of Astrology Nature of Astrology Uses personality

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  1. Astrology Nature, History, Methodology, Theories, and Debunking http://www.valdosta.edu/~esfreelo/psy/pop

  2. Nature By Ezra

  3. Types Eastern Hindu Western Sidereal Placidius Linked to: Tarot Palmistry Numerology Calendar Nature of Astrology

  4. Nature of Astrology Uses • personality • horoscopes • synastry / compatibility • bio / body / health • career

  5. History By Heather and Robin

  6. History of Astrology • Astrology dates back as far as 20,000 years • Carvings on bones that are indicative of an interest in the motion of the moon • Today's Astrology • Esoteric • Dates back 4,000 years to around 1792 bc. in Mesopotamia—modern day Iraq

  7. History of Astrology • Big Step for Astrology • Alexander the Great conquers Mesopotamia (331 bc.) and takes Astrology back to Greeks & Babylonians • Astrology spreads through Europe when the Romans march through Europe • Society, from peasants to emperors, easily accepted Astrology

  8. History of Astrology • The Mayans were practicing their own form of astrology • Developed a 260 day calendar • Day you are born influences your whole life • They predicted the Conquistadors in 1519 • Said the world is predicted to end 21 December 2012, because of a 5,000 year rotation of destruction and new build

  9. History of Astrology • Johannes Kepler the “Father of Modern Astrology” (17th century) • devised a theory to answer the riddle of the star of Bethlehem. • Early in the century he had observed a rare conjunction of planets Jupiter and Saturn in Pisces.

  10. History of Astrology • Johannes Kepler • They appeared to be a single star to the naked eye—he calculated the last date this occurred to be 7 bc.—could this be when the wise men saw the star and baby Jesus was born?

  11. History of Astrology • Evangeline Adams • made Astrology popular early this century with the launching of radio • She had her own show, where she gave people horoscopes and predicted their future. • Ms. Adams was arrested for fraud by fortune-telling in NY, she could have paid a fine, instead she forced it to court.

  12. History of Astrology • Evangeline Adams • This put astrology on trial, for the first time Astrology was proven in a court of law. • Ms Adams was presented with an anonymous birth chart, she gave a detailed personality profile and predicted an early death by water, the birth chart was that of the judge’s son, who had just drown. • Even Hitler had to do with Astrology

  13. Methodology By Ezra

  14. Terms Chart Signs (12) Planets (10+) Houses (12) Ascendent / Descendent Midheaven / Lower Heaven Aspects Transits Progressions Methodology of Astrology

  15. Methodology of Astrology Signs • By Element • Aries, Leo, Sagittarius • Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn • Gemini, Libra, Aquarius • Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

  16. Planets Sun (Wisdom) Moon (Emotion) Mercury (Intelligence) Venus (Love) Mars (Aggression) Jupiter (Luck / Phi) Saturn (Discipline) Uranus (Change) Neptune (Idealism) Pluto (Regeneration) various asteroids Methodology of Astrology

  17. Houses 1st (Self) 2nd (Possessions) 3rd (Knowledge) 4th (Home) 5th (Creativity) 6th (Personal Resp.) 7th (Primary Rel) 8th (Joint Resources) 9th (Social) 10th (Reputation) 11th (Goals / Groups) 12th (Subconscious) Methodology of Astrology

  18. Natal (Birth) Chart First step Essential to everything Map Reading Signs to house Native sign to house Ascendent / Descendent Reading (cont.) Midheaven / Lower Heaven Aspects Transits Progressions Methodology of Astrology

  19. Theories By Ray

  20. Studies and Debunking By Robin and Beth

  21. Bastedo of Berkley conducted a study of 1,000 adults (1971) . Tested personality traits of Leos and found no correlation for leadership etc. The tendencies did not differ between signs. Gauquelin (1979) gave free horoscopes. Recipients responded to the accuracy. 94% said was accurate and so did 90% of friends and family. All of them had the same horoscope--of a mass murderer. Studies In Astrology

  22. Studies In Astrology • Australian Skeptics collected horoscope columns for the week and rated on good, bad, and vague (1982). • Found little consistency between horoscopes. • For instance, one said it would be a good week, one said it would be a bad week.

  23. 1985 Harry Edwards checked Old Moore’s Almanack for 1984 predictions. Less than 5% were correct and most could have been based on probability. Famous scientists in Astrology (Gauquelin -- who had people rate the same horoscope --Newton). Only 10% of Americans believe there can’t be anything to it. Studies In Astrology

  24. Self-fulfilling prophecy Remember coincidences not misses power of suggestion scientists who do believe in astrology doesn’t prove it. because users believe it works doesn’t mean it does. Electromagnetic effect of a clock would be greater than the nearest planet at birth. Correlation does not imply causality. Debunking Astrology

  25. How can we be sure that planets were given the correct attributes? Why were there not inaccuracies noted from not using yet undiscovered planets such as Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto? Most full moon studies causing strange behavior have been attributed to suggestion not causality. Therefore, the moon does not effect behavior. Debunking Astrology

  26. Astrology Video • Alexander the great introduced Babylonian astrology to Greeks • Roman empire spread astrology during the spread of Christianity • Caesar hired astrologists and killed them if they did not pass the test. Tiberius said he saw his life in danger from unknown source and Caesar hired him.

  27. Astrology Video • Chinese scholars associated year with animal • Mayans developed calendar and day born associated with your fate. • Part of their names were taken from the day they were born. • Prophesy in 16th century that light skinned bearded men from east would come years before happened

  28. Astrology Video • Mayans • Calculated date for the end of world and establishment of a new order (December 2012) • believed that the world destroys itself every 5,000 years in order to establish the new order

  29. Astrology Video • 1932--archeologists uncovered a 4th century synagogue. • Center of temple was mosaic. • One theory was astrology was not forbidden, you just should not worship stars as gods. • 3 wise men were probably astrologers. • Time of Jesus’ birth was conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn and looked like bright star.

  30. Astrology Video • 3 wise men • Jupiter means kingship, Saturn associated with Jews and Pisces symbolized Judea. The three wise men may have deduced that the king of the Jews was in Judea. • Keppler (father of modern astrology) calculated the last occurrence of Jupiter and Saturn in conjunction being 7 bc.

  31. John “D” in Astrology • 1555 John “D” hired to draw up chart on Princess Elizabeth who had been on house arrest by the queen. • Queen Mary was threatening to execute her. “D” said that she wouldn’t be executed, but one day be Queen. • Queen Mary dies shortly and Queen Elizabeth appoints “D” as royal astrologer.

  32. Keppler in 1608 drew chart for military officer. Planet of war (Mars) was prominent. Became a triumphant general. 1632 same general consulted astrologist who said conditions were unfavorable. His troops lost. He was found a few days after killed by his own soldiers in the month Keppler predicted for his death 26 years earlier. Keppler in Astrology

  33. Hitler in Astrology • 1924 astrologist predicted the birth day of a great German leader. • Years later found that was Hitler’s. • Hitler and his men consulted astrologists. • When one said that it was favorable to make peace with Britain, one of his men flew over, was arrested, and spent his life in jail. • After that Hitler put astrologers into concentration camps.

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