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By: Kaitlynn Lewis

By: Kaitlynn Lewis

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By: Kaitlynn Lewis

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  1. Thomas Kinkade By: Kaitlynn Lewis “It is easy to have a lot of paintings or projects that are almost done.”

  2. Frequently Asked Questions • Q- Who is he? • A- a famous painter and author. • Q- How many pictures has he painted? • A- 10 million • Q- How much money has he made? • A- $700 million • Q- How many stores sell his paintings? • A- 4,000 • Q- What was his childhood like? • A- poor

  3. Little Known Facts • He has been married for 24 years. • When he was a kid he lived in the most rundown house in his neighborhood. • He never finished college. He only stayed there for two years. • When he was five years old, his parents divorced leaving him alone with his mom. • He paints pictures for the Salvation Army.

  4. Life Lessons I think that Thomas Kinkade was influenced by a lot of things. I think that he got his idealism and faith from his mother. Another thing that influenced him is his friend James Gurney, who got him a drawing job doing background art for the movie Fire and Ice. This job probably got him “found”. Glenn Wessels helped him by recommending him to an art school.

  5. Achievements • He started a media Arts Group. • He got the award for getting the most awards in 25 years. • He got the Artist of the Year Award. • He got the Graphic Artist of the Year Award. • He has made over $700 million.

  6. Connection to me I learned that you can get a lot of money from being a famous artist. I also learned that you don’t have to be born rich to die rich. I was born very poor, but now I’m not. When he was five his parents divorced, leaving him with his mother. When I was four my parents divorced, leaving me with my mother.

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