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Public transport on Estonia PowerPoint Presentation
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Public transport on Estonia

Public transport on Estonia

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Public transport on Estonia

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  1. Public transport on Estonia Arne Tilk

  2. Public transport on Estonia • Is collective transport (in Estonia) considered as a service of general interest? If yes, in which cases? • Year 2002 in all over Estonia people used public transport procsimetly 247,8mln times and totally it was all together 2, 4 bil passengers – km. Passanger`s use mainly busses, trams and trolls (96%) • 2004 people made 209, 4 millions trips. Outside town’s and city’s people are using cars twice more than with public transport.

  3. Public transport on Estonia • 2/3 parts the public transport vehicles as used transport equipment is bus, 30% are using electrical transport-trams and trolls, only 2% of passengers are using trains. • Public transport is used from full amount of passenger’s transport 30%. It is double as in old Europe

  4. Public transport on Estonia Estonia is having several questions, what must be solved in future: • Missing long-term public transports visions on public republican and county lever • In government lever Estonia is missing structure, which should coordinate all system( lines, analysis, subsides)

  5. Public transport on Estonia • Missing conditions lever, how to serve publicity • Commercial and supported lines are non coordinated

  6. Public transport on Estonia 2. What are the public authorities responsible for the organisation of public transport at the different territorial levels (municipality, inter-communal, district or county, region, other ...)? The public authorities responsibility’s are: • coordinating public transport development and working out development plans.

  7. Public transport on Estonia • Arrange research in public transport needs amongst citizens • Plans public transport line set • Local authority arranges public transport infrastructures objects planning and building. • Gives out activity licenses. • Does deals with operators and arranges competitions among operators

  8. Public transport on Estonia County Government responsibilities are: • Transfers and co-ordinates public transport development in the county; works out and imposes relevant developmental plans, which are funded from state budget, from local government finances and enterprisers finances. • Arranges researches to find out citizens needs for traffic lines in the county; according to researches rearranges local traffic line and traffic service.

  9. Public transport on Estonia • Connects local traffic lines with state wide network, makes the rules how to create and change traffic plans, taking account state wide traffic plans and local governments suggestions. • Arranges infrastructure objects planning and building in the county. • Gives out activity licenses. • Does deal public service agreements with haulers and arranges public contests to choose out public haulers on local and public traffic lines. • To support public transport in the county, applies financial assistance from state budget.

  10. Public transport on Estonia • Funds public haulage from state budget, from local government budget and enterprisers finances. • Works out recommendatory prices for haulage. • Guarantees tickets sales regulations and control. • Arranges public transport supervision.

  11. Public transport on Estonia Regional public transport centre: • Regional public transport centre is enterpriser or nonprofits association established by local government or by state, where local government and state have majority determination right. • According to regional features, local government and state can authorize regional public transport centre to execute different activities

  12. Public transport on Estonia • Regional public transport centre's duty is to guarantee well organised traffic and deductions for county citizens. Regional public transport centre is not allowed to act as hauler.

  13. Public transport on Estonia Ministry of economic affairs and communication: • Works out and implementsstate developmentplan and its subprograms. • Arranges state-wide public transport researches. • Develops state-wide public transport network; establishes demands how to make, perform, change and approve traffic timetables.

  14. Public transport on Estonia • Works out different norms for public transport: working methods, service norms etc. • Arranges supervisory on public service contracts and administrative contracts, which are contracted by the ministry itself.

  15. Public transport on Estonia • 3. What are the public transport operators at the different territoriallevels? • Commercial enterprise Company, based on private capital • In some places (Tallinn) – local authority owned company (tram, troll)

  16. Public transport on Estonia 4. What kind of relation ties the operators to the public authorities? If there are contracts, are they contracts for the whole network, or by line, or by groups of lines? • Operators are having relations indentured on contacts. • Contracts are for network and also by line and also by groups of line.

  17. Public transport on Estonia • 5.Does the public transport service benefit from financing from the public authorities? What type of financement (investment, exploitation, both....)

  18. Public transport on Estonia

  19. Public transport on Estonia • Thank You!