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My Animal Encyclopaedia PowerPoint Presentation
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My Animal Encyclopaedia

My Animal Encyclopaedia

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My Animal Encyclopaedia

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  1. My Animal Encyclopaedia

  2. Dog Dogs are always pleased to see you. They love going on walks and chasing balls. When they are happy they wag their tails.

  3. Cat Cats are very loving pets. They have very soft fur. They like to sleep on people’s laps. When they lick you their tongues are rough.

  4. Hamster Hamsters make great pets. They don’t take up much space but am very interesting, always burrowing in sawdust and hiding things. Make sure the cage is secure though as they are great at escaping.

  5. Fish Fish are brilliant. They come in lots of bright colours and are quite easy to breed. This means that you can buy two and before long you will have lots more!

  6. Horse Horses cannot be kept indoors. They need lots of space to run around and exercise in. They like to eat hay and carrots. They need lots of looking after and grooming.

  7. Budgie Budgies are colourful birds. They like to eat seeds. They need a lot of space to fly around. Their cages need cleaning out regularly to make sure they don’t get ill.

  8. Mouse Pet mice can be white, black, brown, or a combination of these colours. Mice have two large sharp front teeth. Mice stand of their back legs when they are about to fight.