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LED Lights Are the New Thing in Town PowerPoint Presentation
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LED Lights Are the New Thing in Town

LED Lights Are the New Thing in Town

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LED Lights Are the New Thing in Town

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  1. The light emitting diode or LED will in a few years replace the conventional lighting system. While the traditional incandescent lights were an excitement when they were first invented, they have received a lot of scrutiny over the years. LED lighting Melbourne is now popular as a clean and eco-friendly lighting solution. So, why are more homes and businesses of today turning to LED lighting?Energy Efficient – LED lighting lamps convert over 80% of the energy they emit to luminescence, and only the remaining energy produces heat. This is in contrast to traditional fluorescent bulbs which use 20 percent of their energy and lose the remaining 80% as heat.

  2. Low power supply requirement – because of the low LED energy consumption, these lights can be used even when there is a low power supply. LED lighting Melbourne provides solar devices that can be used for lighting these lights even in rural areas. ECO-friendly – LED lights contain none toxic chemicals and are therefore safe for the environment and living things. These lights have been proven to reduce the carbon content on the planet by up to one third and are recyclable. Overall, LED lights can save the energy used by almost 25 high energy consuming fluorescent bulbs.

  3. Durable – LED lighting Melbourne claims that these lights and diodes can work for up to 100,000 hours. This means you can use them for 22 years if you are only using them for 50% lighting and up to 11 years when for 100% light. If you will only use the lights for 8 hours a day for example, you can be comfortable knowing you may not need to replace them in almost 20 years. Moreover these lights won’t suddenly stop or burn out like conventional lights. The indication that they are dying is a reduced power output. LED lights are tough, and will survive conditions such as fluctuations in power input that can result from bad weather. Zero UV emissions – LED spotlights Australia don’t emit even the tiniest amount of UV rays. Although infrared light is radiated in a small quantity, the amount if not sufficient to harm the environment.

  4. They are affordable – the argument concerning the price and affordability of LED lights was a hot topic a few years back when these lights were new on the market. Over the years, businesses and families have discovered that these lights are cost-saving compared to their traditional partners due to their energy saving and long-lasting make. While the initial cost of purchase of these lights may appear to be more than fluorescent lights, you will need fewer replacements with these lights as they will serve you for longer. The above advantages all make LED luminescence the perfect choice for businesses and families looking to save bills on energy.