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New Styles Take Center Stage - Outdoor Furniture Melbourne PowerPoint Presentation
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New Styles Take Center Stage - Outdoor Furniture Melbourne

New Styles Take Center Stage - Outdoor Furniture Melbourne

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New Styles Take Center Stage - Outdoor Furniture Melbourne

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  1. Just a few months into 2018, Melbourne is seeing a shift in homework outdoor furniture and landscape preferences. Are you following the latest design trends, taking the lead in Melbourne? Before purchasing your outdoor furniture, check out these hot trends taking Melbourne by storm. Natural Finishes - Today, it is all about modern when it comes to outdoor furniture. Millennials are exhibiting preferences for authentic and natural outdoor furniture. This group has inspired a modern movement that opts for clear, natural or lightly stained finishes rather that wood that is lost by heavy paint or stain.

  2. Neutrals - The preference for neutral outdoor furniture and modern landscapes, is becoming more sophisticated in Melbourne. A preference for gray, white and beige outdoor furniture is becoming slightly enhanced using multi-material surfaces. For example, white outdoor furniture enhanced by a background of silvery grey concrete, mid-grey bricks and dark gray roofing. Melbourne is following a texture trend and smart homeowners are incorporating this idea when selecting their outdoor furniture.

  3. Monochrome or Single-Color Schemes - How else is Melbourne standing out in 2018? Melbourne Outdoor Furniture is establishing trends in 2018, with the use of monochrome and single-color schemes. Popularity is growing for this unique outdoor furniture option. Inspired homeowners are selecting just the right monochrome black, bronze, white and greys for striking outdoor furniture aesthetics. Not sure how to select? Focus on one color to ensure consistency and balance.

  4. Living Room-Worth Outdoor Furniture - Speaking of millennials, another outdoor furniture trend we see growing traction in Melbourne is outdoor furniture designed for enjoyment. A growing preference for outdoor furniture that entices guests and provides a comfortable and entertaining experience, is key for smart homeowners. No longer is the focus just on appearance, but a perfect blend of comfortable pieces that are pleasing to the eye. Melbourne is opting for high-quality outdoor furniture decorated in a similar fashion to living room furniture. Outdoor furniture living room sets with strong solid colors, decorative pillows, patterned accessories and complimentary accents. Wow your guests when entertaining with outdoor furniture that makes a statement.

  5. Edible Gardens - Adding to the previous outdoor furniture trend in Melbourne, edible gardens and functional landscape designs, are growing popularity. Homeowners are wanting to maximize their outdoor space and their outdoor furniture is only one component. Modern Melbourne designs show a preference for fruit trees, perfectly positioned and incorporated into a stylish landscape design. Once ripe, homeowners are enjoying their gardens, while relaxing on their stylish outdoor furniture. Popular edible garden options include: apples, peaches, nectarines, persimmons, pears, mulberries, plums, walnuts, grapes and figs. In addition, some homeowners are choosing to arrange their outdoor furniture near their vegetable garden beds or by a vertical garden, utilizing all their space and providing maximum impact. When considering your outdoor furniture, take into consideration how to optimize your landscape design for ultimate satisfaction. Outdoor Furniture and Landscaping trends are always evolving in Melbourne and it’s important to stay up-to-date with the newest styles hitting the community.