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Australian Society for Simulation in Healthcare ASSH PowerPoint Presentation
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Australian Society for Simulation in Healthcare ASSH

Australian Society for Simulation in Healthcare ASSH

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Australian Society for Simulation in Healthcare ASSH

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  1. Australian Society for Simulation in Healthcare ASSH Annual General Meeting Wednesday 1st of September, 2010 Ballroom 1: Hilton-on the Park - Melbourne

  2. Brendan FlanaganChair – ASSHWelcome

  3. ASSH Committee 2009/10

  4. ASSH Committee 2010/11

  5. Membership Update -Revised Strong growth in membership numbers – this time last year 180 members. Over 140 new memberships gained via SimTecT Health 2010 conference registration fee

  6. SIAA - Simulation Australia ASSH is a chapter (SIG) of the SIAA, the Simulation Industry Association of Australia Simulation Australia has several Special Interest Groups: others are Defence, Mining, Emergency Management/National Security, Transport At the SIAA AGM on June 1 2010, a new constitution was ratified, with SIAA transitioning to Simulation Australia Ltd (SA).

  7. Health Workforce Australia (HWA) ASSH is represented at the National Simulated Learning Environments Expert Reference Group (ERG) by Leonie Watterson, Michelle Kelly and Brendan Flanagan

  8. Professional Certification Working Group – Chair Harry Owen Aims: To provide a valid pathway to certification as a simulation professional recognised by the industry, government and all other organisations related to healthcare education and training. Uses a framework previously developed by SIAA/SA as a reference tool Work in progress

  9. ASSH Special Interest Groups ASSH Special Interest Groups Rosalind Bull and Michelle Kellyproject leads Active participation in a national network that presents a united approach to simulation but values and supports differentiation and specialised interests Lobbying and advocacy Affiliation via ASSH with SSH-affiliated SIGs Paediatrics Breakfast Session and session in conference program this year. Work in progress - business case and sustainability issues

  10. SSH affiliations Brendan Flanagan Board of Directors Cate McIntosh Accreditation Committee Debra Nestel Education Committee Research Committee Katie Walker Executive Committee Instructor Certification committee Co-Chair Affiliations Committee Co-Chair Asia-Pacific Simulation Meeting Hong Kong May 2011 Oversight Committee

  11. Engagement activities Leonie Watterson represents ASSH on the Enhanced Medical Education Advisory Committee June 3, 2010 - meeting with SSH Accreditation Committee reps Dr Mary Mancini and Janice Palaganas to discuss SSH accreditation process and relevance to Australia and NZ June 19, 2010 - Brendan Flanagan presentation NZ ASH AGM August 4-6, 2010 - Marcus Watson represented ASSH at an International Simulation Summit in London

  12. Graham BeaumontTreasurer – ASSHTreasurer’s Report

  13. Treasurer’s Report Financial Report for FY 09/10 Opening equity $82,000 Income $ 60,000 Expenditure $56,000 Surplus $4,000 Closing equity $86,000

  14. Treasurer’s Report Budget FY 10/11 Opening equity $86,000 Income $60,000 Expenditure $52,000 Surplus $8,000 Closing Equity $94,000

  15. Marcus WatsonChair-Elect – ASSH

  16. Next 12 months very exciting phase Federal government investment in simulation nationally ASSH will continue its advocacy role as the peak body in healthcare simulation growth and importance of SimTecT conference will continue

  17. Next 12 months Aims: ASSH newsletter to regularly communicate with members conduct activities at other times throughout the year

  18. Next 12 months Plans with SSH: leveraging off SSH website functionality ways SSH can assist ASSH with respect to advocacy Asia-Pacific healthcare simulation conference in 2011

  19. ASSH Committee 2010/11 Executive Meeting Schedule 2010/11: Thursday 11th of November 2010 (2-3pm) Thursday 10th of March, 2011 Thursday 14th of July, 2011 Wednesday 14th of September, 2011 Teleconference: Times to be advised and dates subject to change

  20. SimTecT Health Conference 2011

  21. Copy of PowerPoint presentation can be found on the ASSH website: