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The Need

The Need. Every year over 17 million children received medical care through Children’s Miracle Network hospitals. The need is great…Children’s Miracle Network hospitals provide $2.5 billion in uncompensated (charity) care each year!.

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The Need

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  1. The Need Every year over 17 million children received medical care through Children’s Miracle Network hospitals. The need is great…Children’s Miracle Network hospitals provide $2.5 billion in uncompensated (charity) care each year! In tough economic times, donations for nonprofit are more difficult to obtain. One solution – Coupons for Miracles Now consumers are empowered through their coupon useage and savings to support Children’s Miracle Network. No donations are required.

  2. An innovative approach to fundraising where consumers: Print brand coupon offers online free of charge Redeem coupons at local retailers Generate funds for Children’s Miracle Network with each redemption Coupons for Miracles • Program Distinctions: • • Consumers participate without solicitations or making donations • • Program is active 365 days a year on a 24/7 basis • • Consumers benefit from immediate gratification of their coupon savings while they help support Children’s Miracle Network • • CPG brand sponsors benefit by gaining trial, moving products, growing loyalty, improving ROI and positive consumer response for support of Children's Miracle Network • Retail partners are provided an innovation that actually drives traffic to their stores Everyone benefits! Everyone wins!

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  4. Coupon Storefront View Supporters select coupons. Health, fitness and nutrition links. Meal Ideas, Product Usage 5 5

  5. Fill out the demographic info once and click to print offers. Checkout Page Indigenous Household ID # 6

  6. The Coupons for Miracles Process • Supporters go online to print out their coupons from • www.CouponsforMiracles.org • 2. Supporters redeem coupons for FACE VALUE savings. • 3. The retailer accepts the coupons which are then processed • and shipped to their coupon clearinghouse for processing. • 4. Our coupons are scanned and the batched redemption data is • submitted to BCN and to the brand sponsor. • 5. BCN bills the brand sponsor $0.50 per coupon redeemed. • 6. BCN provides $ 0.25 per coupon redeemed directly to the • selected Children’s Miracle Network hospital.

  7. About Children’s Miracle Network Children’s Miracle Network raises funds for more than 170 children’s hospitals. Compassionate organizations, media partners and individuals unite with Children’s Miracle Network hospitals to help sick and injured kids in local communities. Donations to Children’s Miracle Network create miracles by funding specialized medical care, research and education that saves and improves the lives of children near you.• Number of Children’s Miracle Network hospitals: 170• Number of patient visits each year: 17 million• Total amount raised since 1983: $3.4 billion• $ raised for Children's Miracle Network hospitals in 2007: $237,783,357• Number of corporate sponsors: 85• Number of radio partners: 340• Number of television partners: 110

  8. Children’s Miracle Network Partners

  9. Coupons for Miraclesrelies on the critical mass of coupon content to engage consumers, drive traffic to retailers and sustain traffic for the Coupons for Miracles innovation: Brand partners are provided free Coupons for Miraclesmicrosite links as well as their coupon presence on the CouponsforMiracles.orgdestination site The brand expense is $ 0.50 per coupon redeemed (cost per product moved) 50% of the media charge to brand partners for coupons redeemed goes directly to Children’s Miracle Network ($ 0.25) Brands purchase blocks of coupon redemptions not on distribution or coupons printed Redemption expected to exceed 10% Brand Partnering Coupons for Miraclesprovides distinct benefits to brand partners!

  10. Retail Partnering Coupons for Miraclesprovides innovative opportunities for retailers… a program that actually drives traffic through co-branding opportunities! • Tremendous community relations builder by supporting their local Children’s Miracle Network hospitals • Increased tie-in and event opportunities • Increased category sales • Improved basket size • Retailers can build promotions around a specific event and promote it through any/all mediums

  11. Media Partnering Coupons for Miraclesprovides enhanced opportunities for media partners! • For TV stations, radio stations, newspapers… it’s all about reach, traffic and data. Coupons for Miraclescan impact all of these through its free coupon mircrosite approach to participating media partners. • Benefits to Media Partners: • Promoting CouponsforMiracles.org engages supporters by directing them to your website for free info and coupons (a great content building tool) • Building website traffic grows your Web value • Growing community relations and social consciousness through your support of your local Children’s Miracle Network hospital • Leveraging your Children’s Miracle Network relationship keeps your audience engaged on a 24/7 – 365 day basis • Media Partners reap benefits while supporting a great local cause.

  12. Brand Coupon Network (BCN) provider of the coupon technology for Coupons for Miracles, provides online coupons conforming with standards suggested by the ACP (Association of Coupon Professionals) JICC (Joint Industry Coupon Committee) and the UCC (Uniform Code Council). Coupons go from Cart to Print without being displayed on the end-user’s monitor Extended UCC /EAN 128 bar code with the capability to include the GS1 An indigenous household ID on every coupon to help identify duplication or copying Consumer ID embedded on each coupon including age and zip code BCN logo embedded on every coupon printed for easy identification All coupons are in 4 color to help identify duplication Brand Coupon Network’s technology complies with guidelines of CMS and NCH requiring only a “one count” scan at point of clearing Technology Security

  13. Consumer/supporter e-mail addresses Gender, age, family size Other areas of consumer interest such as electronics, sporting goods, travel, equipment, automobiles, dining, etc… Reach loyal supporters with consumer relevant promotions Opportunity to up sell, cross sell, better promote The data obtained is on supporters, not just consumers, who are engaged to help Children’s Miracle Network. Data availability subject to critical mass. Pricing negotiable. Partner Consumer Relationship Marketing CRM (Consumer Relationship Marketing) departments can tap into a wealth of information through data provided:

  14. Standard Charter Pricing Microsite Set Up fees $ 2,500 Waived Destination Site Set Up fee $ 2,500 Waived Initial Offer Set Up $ 1,500 Waived Additional Offer Set Up $ 500 Waived Price per Redemption-only $ 0.50 the only cost Pricing Charter brand benefits are provided to partners enrolling in the initial Spring of 2009 launch

  15. FSIs Digital FSIs Children's Miracle Network Sunday Supplements Online Coupons Coupons for Miracles Avg. $ 4.00 cpm $ 0.10 per print out NO Distribution charge Charge for redemption only 1/2 % redemption 12% redemption 12% redemption ______________ ________________ _______________ $ 0. 80 media cost $ 0.83 media cost $ 0.50 media cost ($ 0.25 of this $ amount goesto Children’s Miracle Network) Coupon Media Cost Comparison Coupon media cost - cost per product moved: With Coupons for Miracles, the consumer immediately receives the FULL FACE VALUE of the coupon and ($0.25) goes to Children’s Miracle Network every time a coupon is redeemed. (These are the pure media costs for each product moved through each coupon distribution method.)

  16. Reduced distribution cost/ Improved ROI Pay for Redemption Only - no upfront expenses for distribution and advertising Resolved budgeting issues – expenses are paid after redemption Targeted mom/family-centric exposure Brand Partner Benefits There are distinct advantages for CPG partnering! • Socially/environmentally conscious • Client manageable back end • Immediate reporting capability • Zip code targeting and tracking • Real time CRM surveys • Performance-based accountability • Consumer and community focused • Virally marketable/broad reach • Consumer relevant

  17. Next Steps • Establish a participation agreement • Define Participating brands • Set Redemption level • Finalize Intro cost with waived set-up fees • Develop retail-partner cross promotions and tie-ins • Contract • Production process • Art work, codes, upload data, etc • Integrate microsites for CPGs • Launch Spring 2009 • Integrate microsites to key media and retail partners • Launch and promote the program to redeem coupons beginning Spring 2009

  18. Brand Coupon Network • Brand Coupon Network.com (BCN) has been an innovator in print-controlled coupon technology since 2002 and a recognized source for online, cause-marketing, coupon technology. • Serving on the Board of Directors of the Association of Coupon Professionals (ACP), a member of its Internet Coupons Task Force and a co-author of its Internet Coupon Guidelines, BCN is playing a major role in the development of the burgeoning online coupon industry and online fundraising innovations . • BCN’s Mission: To grow online fundraising to generate millions to its great causes , in doing so, help partners extend reach, convert sales and improve ROI. • For more information on Brand Coupon Network and CouponsforMiracles contact: • Dan Abraham at 1-877-7COUPON or email dan@bcnllc.com • Together we really can make miracles happen! A proud member of : 19

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