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FHWA LTAP/TTAP Update 2007 Regional Meetings PowerPoint Presentation
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FHWA LTAP/TTAP Update 2007 Regional Meetings

FHWA LTAP/TTAP Update 2007 Regional Meetings

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FHWA LTAP/TTAP Update 2007 Regional Meetings

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  1. FHWA LTAP/TTAP Update2007 Regional Meetings

  2. On Our Plate for Today… • Next Steps for the Strategic Plan • Results from 2006 PARs and CARs • Updated Roles and Responsibilities Let’s Hear It…

  3. LTAP/TTAP Strategic Plan 5-7 year horizon Strategic Planning Cycle Highway Reauthorization Bill Review Annual Performance, Modify Tactics Review/Update Strategic Plan Every 2-3 years

  4. 2007 Strategic Planning Committee • Leonard Brown – OH • Renee Koller – CO LTAP • Ron Hall – CO TTAP • Lisa Harris – KS [NLTAPA President through July ‘07] • Cheri Marti – MN • Terry McNinch – MI • Marie Walsh – LA [Next NLTAPA President] • Cameron Ishaq – FHWA SPC liaison

  5. 2007 Strategic Planning Committee Meeting • “Are we still doing things right, and are we still doing the right things?” • Robust discussion of the status of LTAP/TTAP and the Strategic Plan • First review of how far we have come since 2004 and where we are going in 2007 and beyond • First “new” members in Cheri and Leonard • Specific review of all performance measures

  6. 2007 SPC Meeting Outcomes • New performance measures section • Edited and/or revised measures • New text for the Plan • Upgrades to the PAR to reflect the changes in the performance measures • New Section III in the CAR to better capture best practices from Centers • Out-of-date portions of the text of the Plan to be revised, with greater emphasis placed on strategy vs. “sales” • Focus area name changed to Operational Excellence

  7. Additional Deliverables for SPC Program Customer Survey • Determine the needs of local agencies • Align national Program resources to meet those needs • Incorporate emerging local needs into national planning and products • Use input from previously scheduled survey where appropriate, including the mailing list

  8. 2006 Program Performance

  9. 2006 PAR and CAR Overview • Just over 50% submitted on time [26 PARs and 34 CARs by January 31 – compare to nearly 90% in ‘04 and ‘05] • Integrity of PAR numbers much improved • Depth of discussion and quality of effort continues with CARs – keep up the good work! • Transition to new FHWA Clearinghouse offers greater opportunities for data assessment and use • Positive reaction to ease-of-use changes to forms

  10. PAR and CAR Data… • Enables sound management of the Program • Communicates the diversity of LTAP/TTAP efforts and Center challenges • Illustrates the impact of our Program to our stakeholders • Insures sound stewardship of taxpayer dollars

  11. Summary of 2006 PAR Data • Total number of sessions = 4,978 [2005 total = 5,127] • Total participants = 136,808 [2005 total = 132,906] • Total participant hours = 901,829 [2005 total = 923,725]

  12. Summary of 2006 PAR Data • Total newsletter circulation = 461,377 [2005 total = 506,642] • Total number of FTEs = 196* [2005 total =201] *The average number of FTEs per Center remains around three

  13. Summary of 2006 PAR Data Safety Remains the Primary Focus: • Total safety courses = 2,364 [of 5,127 total] • Total safety participants = 57,355 [of 132,906 total] About Half Our Courses and Participants

  14. Summary of 2006 CAR Data Three Major Areas of Concern: • Funding • Overall LTAP/TTAP appropriation • DOT/University match • Other available program funds • Staffing • Hiring and keeping quality people • Maintaining ability to provide services • Instructors • Finding qualified instructors to meet training needs of locals

  15. Summary of 2006 CAR Data • Quality of CAR data continues to exceed expectations • FHWA is considering an effort to work with Centers to make wider use of some CAR data e.g. best practices • CAR remains a valuable tool for FHWA to better understand the needs and challenges of individual Centers

  16. Next Steps for PAR and CAR • The FHWA goal for 2007 data is 100% submission of both reports by January 31, 2008 • FHWA is considering a range of options to improve the submission rate, including financial penalties • FHWA will collect feedback on the draft 2007 PAR and CAR forms at the regional meetings • Final versions of the PAR and CAR will be released at the Chicago meeting

  17. Updated LTAP/TTAP Roles and Responsibilities

  18. Recap of the 2003-05 RnR • Ad hoc working group from across the community and reporting to the SPC • Asked to review and define: • Roles and responsibilities across LTAP/TTAP • Alignment of tasks, gaps and overlaps • Specific problem areas • Completed a series of “one-pagers” that clarified RnR for Centers, FHWA and NLTAPA

  19. The Need to Update RnR • Change of leadership at FHWA • Growing role of NLTAPA • New contractor for the FHWA LTAP/TTAP Clearinghouse

  20. 2007 Roles and Responsibilities Working Group Meeting • Completed a line-by-line critical review of the existing “one-pagers” • Realigned these into critical Program tasks • Created new roles and responsibilities outlines for Centers, FHWA and NLTAPA • Recommended inclusion of this information in the Strategic Plan

  21. Program Feedback

  22. Your Turn To Shut Me Up • Any questions, comments or feedback? • Any new questions raised? Old questions unanswered? • Your participation in everything we do is vital to our continued collective success...

  23. He’s Finally Done Talking Thanks for your hospitality Cameron R. Ishaq Fasterhorse LLC FHWA Office of Professional and Corporate Development (703) 235 0525

  24. FHWA LTAP/TTAP Clearinghouse Update

  25. Topics • About the FHWA Clearinghouse and Staff • FHWA Clearinghouse Steering Committee • Current and Upcoming Initiatives • LTAP/TTAP Website Upgrades • Exhibit and Regional Meeting Schedule • About ARTBA and ARTBA-TDF

  26. About the FHWA Clearinghouse and Staff The American Road & Transportation Builders Association’s Transportation Development Foundation (ARTBA-TDF) began managing day-to-day operations of the LTAP/TTAP Clearinghouse for FHWA last September.

  27. About the FHWA Clearinghouse and Staff • Alison Premo Black, Program Director • Lisa Kelley McCluskey, Program Manager • Sarah Crane, Program Assistant

  28. About the FHWA Clearinghouse and Staff The LTAP/TTAP Clearinghouse provides program support to the LTAP/TTAP. The primary tasks in the contract between FHWA and ARTBA-TDF include: • Maintain the LTAP/TTAP website • Distribute materials to the 58 centers • Offer exhibit materials and support for relevant meetings • Operate a clearinghouse of technology transfer materials • Provide real-time information and material support for the community.

  29. About the FHWA Clearinghouse and Staff Technical and website services are provided to the LTAP/TTAP Clearinghouse under a subcontract with the Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute at North Dakota State University. • North Dakota State University • UGPTI Staff: • Tom Jirik • Patrick Nichols • Julie Rodriguez

  30. Monthly Website Video Conference call with UGPTI

  31. FHWA Clearinghouse Steering Committee • The Clearinghouse Steering Committee ensures that the LTAP/TTAP Clearinghouse develops services that meet the needs of the centers and the national program community in accordance with the national strategic plan. • 2007 Clearinghouse Steering Committee Members: • Lisa Harris, KS LTAP- Current NLTAPA President [transition to Marie Walsh in following the 2007 LTAP Conference] • Juli Kobayashi, HI LTAP • Janet Leli, NJ LTAP • Terry McNinch, MI LTAP • Jim Self, OK TTAP • Donna Shea, CT LTAP

  32. Current & Up-coming Activities • Primary action item: Rebuild and upgrade the LTAP/TTAP web site • Continue to provide Centers with publications and other materials • Over 1,600 publications sent in April • Quarterly mailings of new Clearinghouse materials • Publish issues of the LTAP/TTAP e-news, an update from the FHWA Clearinghouse to the community • Working to finalize LTAP 101 for the national LTAP/TTAP meeting in Chicago • Scheduled for Monday, July 23

  33. LTAP/TTAP Website Upgrades The Clearinghouse is redesigning the website for LTAP/TTAP. This is the first generation of revisions that updates the design and navigation tools of the site only.  Content on the site is still under review and redraft process. • May 3 - Rolled out a draft navigation to LTAP/TTAP Centers for comments • Reviewed comments with FHWA and CSC to revise • June 15 - Rolled out new website at

  34. Planned second generation of upgrades include: An updated database of resources that is easier to use with more search options New links to other groups that provide training materials Conversion of the instructor list to a new database format A password-protected area for Centers only to update their contact information and submit PAR/CAR data A new Program list-serve and additional communities of practice LTAP/TTAP Website Upgrades

  35. Exhibit and Regional Meeting Schedule The Clearinghouse exhibits on behalf of LTAP/TTAP at national transportation conferences. • 2007-2008 Exhibits: • NACE, April 22-26, Milwaukee • National Scenic Byways, May 21-22, Baltimore • AASHTO, September 27-Oct. 1, Milwaukee • ARTBA, INA 2007 and National Traffic • Management and Work Zone Safety Conference • Oct. 10-12, Ft. Lauderdale • League of Cities, Nov. 13-17, New Orleans, LA • TRB, Jan. 13-17, Washington, D.C.

  36. Exhibit and Regional Meeting Schedule The Clearinghouse staff traveled to all regional meetings in 2007 to present information to the community. Region 6 March 6-7 Texarkana, TX Region 4 May 6-9 Gainesville, FL Region 8 May 15-16 Boulder, CO Region 5 May 23-24 Chicago, IL Region 9 May 30-31 Boise, ID Region 7 June 5-6 Kansas City, MO Region 3 June 5-6 Morgantown, WV Region 2 June 12-13 Sitka, AK Region 1 June 18-19 Storrs, CT

  37. Region 6: Texarkana

  38. Region 4: Gainesville, Fl

  39. Region 8: Breckenridge & Denver

  40. Breckenridge, Colorado Site of 2008 LTAP National Conference

  41. Region 5: Chicago, IL

  42. Region 9: Boise

  43. Region 7: Kansas City, MO

  44. Region 1: Storrs, CT

  45. TTAP Meeting: Sitka, AK

  46. About ARTBA and ARTBA-TDF • American Road and Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA) • Located in Washington, D.C. • ARTBA is an association with over 5,000 members. • LTAP/TTAP directors have been designated as members of ARTBA’s Research and Education Division. • ARTBA conducts conferences, publishes newsletters, a magazine, educational materials, and maintains a comprehensive website. • ARTBA’s Transportation Development Foundation, (ARTBA-TDF) was established in 1985 as a 501(c) 3 tax-exempt entity to support research, education and public awareness.

  47. ARTBA Headquarters

  48. Clearinghouse Resources