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What Service Innovation Means to Me

What Service Innovation Means to Me. George Miller, Client Industry Executive, Global Partner Group, BT Global Services June 14 th 2010, Manchester . What Service Innovation means to me. …the greatest opportunity to improve our world/ our quality of life everywhere

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What Service Innovation Means to Me

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  1. What Service Innovation Means to Me George Miller, Client Industry Executive, Global Partner Group, BT Global Services June 14th 2010, Manchester

  2. What Service Innovation means to me • …the greatest opportunity to improve our world/ our quality of life everywhere • …an opportunity to work on some of the human race’s most significant challenges • …the chance to work with some of the brightest, most determined, & most entrepreneurial people you could ever meet • …the potential to make a profound impact rapidly • …the possibility of earning a good living…and perhaps more

  3. Unlimited, unprecedented, universal services value creation …Let’s learn from some of the greatest entrepreneurs & leaders of our generation • Business model innovation (e.g. new ways of creating/ delivering/ capturing value) • The organisation in its environment (e.g. open/ distributed) • Innovation management within an org (e.g. governance/ methods/ tools) • Process innovation (e.g. consumer led) • Technology innovation (service innovation through use of technology/ incl. in ICT)

  4. Project your thinking into the future, and work back to today “There is no fate…the future is what we make”TERMINATOR 2 Future we create STRETCH Future based migration path Future we accept Present Traditional extrapolation Future we are exposed to Past FIT SOURCE: STRATEGOS

  5. Defining innovation Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius and power and magic in it. GOETHE SEE what everyone else has seen THINK what no-one else has thought DO what no-one else has dared Hard Work Networking Passion Courage

  6. The “game” is to Make the Cake bigger Innovatingyour business model SOURCE: PA CONSULTING

  7. Seek new opportunities to innovate at the intersection of lenses Building and managing an innovation pipeline Discontinuities CustomerInsight Business models What new growth opportunities or alternative business models might exist that we (others) are not taking advantage of today? Orthodoxies Core competencies Economic engine SOURCE: STRATEGOS

  8. Three technology “laws” that continue to change our world… Moore’s Law: “The number of transistors on a chip will double about every two years”. Gilder’s Law: “The value of a telecommunications network is propositional to the square of the number of connected users of the system (n2)”. Metcalfe’s Law: “The total bandwidth of communication systems triples every twelve months”.

  9. The promise from IT is great…but can we accelerate value realisation?

  10. Let’s think about large numbers…

  11. …with Service Innovation things can soon add up $1million in $100 bills $1billion in $100 bills

  12. …and just keep on adding up $1trillion in $100 bills

  13. Smart Metering: Revolutionising the way we manage & consume energy Biggest UK energy impact since North Sea Gas in ‘70s

  14. Collective Intelligence: Revolutionised the way Politicians campaign • US “Politician-made” You-Tube videos views: 150m • “Consumer-made” political video You-Tube views: 1.5bn • Internet main source of political views: 2004…10%; 2008…33% • 18-29 year olds…49% • Obama 18-29 y/o share of votes: 66%

  15. Collective Intelligence: Revolutionised the way Politicians campaign Source: Politico, The Web, 2008’s winning ticket

  16. Gartner’s 10 disruptive technologies to 2012 Source: Gartner

  17. Just a few of the companies making a big difference to our planet… BT Microsoft Intel Salesforce.com Apple Oracle Google Facebook RIM/ Blackberry Twitter You-Tube Linked-In Skype Nuance

  18. ….not forgetting the founder of the internet era • “Today, just 20% of global population have internet access…” • “There are 3bn mobile users…” • “…but only 15% of these can get online” • Attack plan: mobile access/ low or medium orbit satellite (30m/s round trip)…Africa/ central LatAm/ Pacific Islands/ fibre where feasible/ local WiMax Vince Cerf VP & Chief internet evangelist Google Designed TCP/ IP protocols & basic architecture of the internet

  19. Intel: Revolutionised our ability to create the small, powerful, low energy use computing devices….now being embedded everywhere …and not forgetting Andy Grove, CEO from 1987 - 1997 • Intel now delivering 32nm technology • World has c10 quintillion transistors; 10,000/ ant; 1.5bn/ person • Intel market cap: $114.91bn

  20. Innovation management insight: Tick Tock Year 1: "Tick“ New silicon process technology (transistor density/ performance/ energy efficiency). Year 2: "Tock“ Entirely new processor micro-architecture…optimize value of new transistors/ tech.

  21. BT: Revolutionised services access through ubiquitous broadband • £1.5bn investment…fibre in 10m UK homes by 2012 • Top speeds 100mb/s; potential for 1000mb/s • BT Infinity now launched: Downstream 40mb; upstream 10mb • Faster: surfing…downloads…uploads…online experience(Infinity-powered downloads up to x7 faster on iTunes; online gaming up to 30% faster). • Dedicated: business user “fast lane”

  22. Vodafone: Revolutionised our ability to communicate anywhere • Now largest company in FTSE 100 • £41.7bn annual revenue; £11.5bn adj. operating profit • Growth drivers: Intl presence (esp India); fixed broadband (Europe); consumer & business data services; smart phones; machine-to-machine • Now targeting Google’s mobile search/ advertising revenues

  23. Business model insight: Tiered mobile bandwidth pricing

  24. Microsoft: Revolutionised how we work through accessible software • 2009/10 Q3 revenue: $14.50 bn (+6%)/ $4bn net income • Windows +28% (10% of all PCs globally run Windows 7) • Growth drivers: Windows 7; Bing Search; X-Box Live; emerging Cloud Services • Market cap: $224bn

  25. Business model innovation: MS Bing helps you cut through the clutter

  26. Oracle: Revolutionised the way we store, manage and access data • “Oracle” originally a CIA database project • Inspiration: “A relational model for large shared data banks” • Started Oracle in 1977; first release: Oracle 2 • Initial focus: midrange/ microcomputer segments • Operating systems supported: UNIX, Linux and Windows • Market cap: $111.8bn

  27. SalesForce: Revolutionised how we manage business processes • Founded Salesforce.com in1999 • Vision: “the end of software” • Force.com cloud platform (2007) • AppExchange • 2010 $1.3bn annual revenue/ net income $80m • “1-1-1 model”

  28. Apple: Revolutionised how we interact with software…device design…how we consume music…and now how we consume published material • $43bn (+14%) total sales… • i-phone $13bn (+93%) • i-tunes store $4bn (+21) • portables $9.5bn (+9%) • i-pod $8bn (-12%) • 2m i-pad sales in 2 months • Market Cap: £232.91bn (June 4th 2010)

  29. Business Model Innovation: Apple i-pad raises stakes for eReaders

  30. Blackberry: Revolutionised the way we work through push-email • Revenue $14.93bn • Net earnings $2.46bn • R&D spend $946m • 41m users globally (3% global mobile users) • …incl. President Obama • …target is 100m

  31. Google: Revolutionised how we source & sort information…and now how we manage IT infrastructure

  32. Technology innovation: The search engine that changed our world

  33. Amazon: Revolutionised how we buy goods…and now how we manage IT infrastructure • 2009 net sales +28% $24.51 billion (x15 1999). • Free cash flow +114% $2.92 billion • Corporate (AWS): • Relational d’base service • Virtual private cloud • Elastic Map Reduce • Cloud Front Streaming • S3 streaming • Consumer: • 50% more items/ 21 new product categories • 7m customer reviews added to site • US Kindle Store: 460k books/ 8.9k+ blogs/ 120 countries/ 6 languages “We seek to be Earth’s most customer-centric company for three primary customer sets: consumer customers, seller customers and developer customers”

  34. Governance Insight : Goal setting 2010: 360 of Amazon’s 452 goals will have a direct impact on customer experience. • The word revenue is used eight times and free cash flow is used only four times. • In the 452 goals, the terms net income, gross profit or margin, and operating profit are not used once. …but in practice they have rigorous financial goals behind all these

  35. Business Model Insight: Amazon Mechanical Turk

  36. Facebook: Revolutionised how we network with others • Business founded: 2004 • 12 month user growth: 130% • Total users: 400m • Overtook Yahoo as #2 internet site in US (Jan 2010) • Facebook visitors to other sites “more sticky” • …but only 57% click on ads cf 79% wider internet • Business value: $15bn

  37. Business Model Innovation: Exploit existing offline social behaviour

  38. Business Model Innovation: 5 reasons why Facebook is so successful… A huge untapped market…established competitor Friendster targeted at twentysomethings & fading; MySpace < 5% penetration in 2005 Experience designed by students…for students Privacy… “walled” social networks Economics…attractive initial segment…elevated perceived status “Sticky” Features…organisation by classes; “the poke”; groups; directory; simplicity; “lightning fast”

  39. The organisation in its environment: Clever VC funding negotiation

  40. Linked-In: Revolutionised the way business people network Founders: Reid Hoffman, Allen Blue, Jean-Luc Vaillant, Eric Ly, and Konstantin Guericke. • Founded 2003 • 60m users (Feb 2010); growth rate 5m in 2 months • 50% user-base ex US; …from over 200 countries • Execs from every Fortune 500 company • Value: in excess of $1bn • Revenue model: Job listings/ subscriptions/ advertising

  41. You-Tube: Revolutionised how we share ideas and experiences • Business founded: January 2005 • 2bn video viewings per day • Every minute 24 hours of video uploaded • User base 18-55; 51% use weekly or more • In 2007 consumed bandwidth equivalent of entire internet in 2000

  42. Technology Innovation: Near instant response online video service

  43. Twitter: Revolutionised how we relate through “instant communication” • Business founded: 2006 • 31 employees • Tweets per qtr: 2007…500k; 2008…100m; 2009…2bn; Q1 2010…4bn; and now 50m per day…600 per second • 2013 projections: Revenue $1.54bn; earnings $111m; users 1bn • Business value: $250m+

  44. Business Model Innovation: Exploit the desire to “reach out”

  45. Business Model Innovation: CNN Twitterbuzz

  46. ….and now Jack Dorsey launches Square: revolutionising payments

  47. Areas of current interest New/ improved ICT enabled service business models Collective intelligence Standardisation Cloud Services Smart Systems (e.g. Smart Energy)

  48. End

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