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Outdoor vinyl banners

You can find Outdoor Vinyl Banners in any design, colour and size that you might need. Even better all of these banners are now available at a cost-effective prices. These are printed quickly, effortlessly and at low wholesale prices.

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Outdoor vinyl banners

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  1. Outdoor vinyl banners Presented By: Easysignsinc.com

  2. Decoding the Outdoor Vinyl Banner Anatomy If you are a business owner, you might have surely heard of the vinyl banners. They have been opted mostly for promotion of a business in the most classic and artsy way possible. They are an apt way of advertising what your business sells. In this Vinyl Banner 101, we will discuss everything that is to know about the outdoor vinyl banners. By the end of this guide, we are sure you will know everything there is to know. Basics of Outdoor Vinyl Banners ➢Vinyl Banners serve as an important advertising form ➢Banners made of vinyl are printed with your artwork for personal or business use ➢Most banners come with a digital print that is done on a large variant of inkjet printers. These printers have the capability to print in the complete color range as required for a single billboard material Outdoor Vinyl Banners: Materials Used The most common material used for the outdoor vinyl banner is the heavyweight form known as the PVC. Apart from this, the common materials used for vinyl banners are: ✓High-Density 13Oz: •Comes with high-durability •Is comparatively economical ✓High-Density 16Oz:

  3. •Stronger and rigid quality •Recommended mostly for outdoor usage •Highly durable and lasts for long ✓Mesh: •Perfect for use in the outside environment •Used to create banners that are large enough to cover big buildings •Special mesh form material allows wind & sounds to move through easily •Amazing for concerts and places that frequently experience fast winds Weight of the Banner Substrates Whether you are opting for the double-sided or single-sided outdoor vinyl banners, the weight range for these advertising elements ranges between 9 ounces and 22 ounces.

  4. Grommets Used The outdoor vinyl banners are punched in with nickel-based holes that allow the banner to be hung easily without tearing up. It can be hung easily in various places such as walls, building sides, fences, etc. However, you need to keep in mind that windy conditions might make these grommets vulnerable if it isn’t fastened proper into the hems of the outdoor vinyl banner. Tapes for Outdoor Vinyl Banner Hem Outdoor vinyl banners are perfect for use as a means of advertising. However, what use is a banner that cannot stand the test of time? In such cases, it is important for you to ensure that each crucial element of the vinyl banner is in place. Hem tapes are usually crucial for the longevity of life for the banners. •It is used mostly to prevent the delamination or lifting of the vinyl hems •It is also used in the form of a decorative section in the banner •High-quality outdoor vinyl banners use hems that are on the outside to ensure grommets being secured perfectly Gloss Vinyl vs. Matte Vinyl When it comes to matte vinyl, it is the most preferred option for outdoor vinyl banners. The reason most advertisers pick the matte vinyl is that they look better. Not just that, they

  5. allow the advertised message by the brand to be visible clearly from a far off distance. It works great with any form of lighting. On the other hand, gloss vinyl for outdoor advertising reflects the sunlight and prevents the message from coming through perfectly. In terms of outdoor vinyl banners, shiny isn’t always better as it can obstruct the readability. Types of Vinyl Banners : There are multiple variants of outdoor vinyl banners. The usefulness of each can vary from 3 years to 5 years. 1-Digitally Printer Banners: These vinyl banners are mostly printed with inks that are: •Eco-solvent •Aqueous (water-based) •Solvent-based •UV-curable inkjet 2-Vinyl Lettered Banners: These banners are produced by the application of individual elements that are cut out from the self-adhesive vinyl with use of computer-operated vinyl cutter. 3-Screen-Printed Banners: Created by use of the screen-printing techniques, the screen- printed banners are done on hand benches, dual/single color machines, and the high-performance screen presses with multiple colors. In this process various colors are used once

  6. in a single go using the screens that are comprised of images stencils via ink passes for screen printing. Conclusion Vinyl banners are highly durable and work as the perfect choice for outdoor advertising banners. They do not spoil due to the presence of dust or grime. However, they might require few wipes every now and then to keep them looking fresh and new for long. Outdoor vinyl banners serve as the perfect choice for table banners, billboards, trade show banners, street banners, building banners, festival banners, and stadium banners. Contact Us: Easysignsinc Address: 325 N. Altadena Drive, Pasadena, CA 91107 The phone # is: (888)-744-6770 Website: https://www.easysignsinc.com/ ***** THANK YOU *****

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