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AHS Physician Portal

AHS Physician Portal. A STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE FOR USERS Created By: Nathan Jass. STEP 1: Get to the website. Go to www.ahsiconnect.net or webapps.ahss.org Click on Tokenless Signon. STEP 2: Security Certificates. Accept any Security Certificate messages

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AHS Physician Portal

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  1. AHS Physician Portal A STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE FOR USERS Created By: Nathan Jass

  2. STEP 1: Get to the website • Go to www.ahsiconnect.net or webapps.ahss.org • Click on Tokenless Signon

  3. STEP 2: Security Certificates • Accept any Security Certificate messages • You can click View Certificate to permanently install the Certificate

  4. STEP 3: Authenticate to the network • Enter network credentials • Call the Help Desk if you get the error “HTTPS Authentication Failed” • You will have to close & reopen Internet Explorer if the Authentication Fails before you can try logging in again. MULTIHOSP\Destiny Code Network Password

  5. STEP 4: What are you trying to access? • Cerner only – Most common. • Other Physician applications – PACS, Web1000, MicroMedex, Clinical Browser, etc.

  6. STEP 5: Cerner only • Have you logged into Cerner on this computer before? YES: Log in using network credentials. If you are unable to log in, call the Help Desk. NO: Click the Installation File link at the bottom of the page. Select Run or Open when prompted. Proceed through any “Publisher Trust” messages. Destiny Code Network Password

  7. STEP 6: Cerner only, continued • Select the application you need. The Cerner login screen will appear. NOTE: • If Citrix didn’t install properly (see previous slide), the following error will appear… • If this happens, repeat the “Installation File” link step.

  8. Step 7: Other Physician applications • The Physician Login credentials are a separate, isolated username and password. • The first time logging in, you have to click the Register button. • See next slide for Registration detail • After Registering, you should be able to log in. • If you forget your credentials, you can click “Password Reminder” This sends the username and password in plaintext to the email address provided at Registration. • If the password reminder doesn’t work and you are not able to log in at all, call the Help Desk at 1-800-873-4024.

  9. CLICK REGISTER WHEN FINISHED Other Physician applications Registration • Fill out all fields - * indicates required field User Name can be anything, but you should use your Destiny Code. This is the username you will use when actually logging into the “Physician Login” section. Must enter Destiny Code here.

  10. Other applications view • After logging in, you will see the announcements and weather for your hospital/area. • The applications you need are on the right side of the screen. • You can also access Cerner from here by clicking the iConnect logo and following Steps 5 and 6.

  11. Support • For any issues with this process, please contact the Help Desk in Lake Mary, FL at 1-800-873-4024, or your local Physician Liaison

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