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Mike Vella Web Service Business Development SMI, Market Development

Service-Oriented Architectures at General Motors. Mike Vella Web Service Business Development SMI, Market Development. Engage the Web Services Pilot Team to advance your business!. Web Services Market Today. Evolution of Application Integration over the Internet

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Mike Vella Web Service Business Development SMI, Market Development

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  1. Service-Oriented Architectures at General Motors Mike Vella Web Service Business Development SMI, Market Development Engage the Web Services Pilot Team to advance your business!

  2. Web Services Market Today Evolution of Application Integration over the Internet Market is not clearly defined Open Standards are making progress Web Service Business Issues Resolve IT department bottlenecks Enhance Cost Efficiency with existing infrastructure Web Services Economic model evolves A few highly skilled leading-edge companies seek to enable development and integration The Big “Platform and Software” Players look to integrate WS into product line Gartner predicts Market size to exceed $1.7 billion by 2002

  3. Web Services Pilot Program Drive Business Partnerships With “Marquee” Enterprises and Best-of-Breed Software Vendors in Leading-Edge Web Service Pilot Projects to Advance Open Standards

  4. WS Pilot Value Proposition Alleviate Customer “Pain Points” bottlenecks in their existing IT infrastructure Breakdown silos of information Increase scalability and integration of desperate Networks due to Acquisition and mergers Increase cost efficiencies with existing infrastructure Increase access and automation to internal departments, vendors, and clients Increase ISV alliance while bringing best-of-breed technologies and products to our customers

  5. Presenters Are: Fred Falten, Director of Application Architecture and Integration for IS&S at General Motors Corporation Mike Wheaton is a Java Enterprise Architect with Sun Microsystems Inc. Professional Services Himagiri (Hima) Mukkamala is WebServices Architect/Strategist for Sybase e-Business division

  6. Service-Oriented Architectures at General Motors Fred Falten Director of Applications Architecture and Integration for IS&S General Motors Corporation

  7. Service-Oriented Architectures at General Motors Understand how GM is using ebXML to extend SOA and enhance B2B for the Automotive Industry

  8. Learning Objectives As a result of this presentation, you will be able to: Understand the business benefits of SOA Exploit the cumulative features of Web Services and ebXML to meet very large-scale B2B Explain the architecture for ebXML Witness the operation of an ebXML Reference Implementation

  9. Services-Oriented Architecture Strategy Coupling Security ebXML Demo Typical access via: B2B Market, Global Multi-enterprise ebXMLDemo SOAP/HTTP (JAX-M for ebXML) ebXML SOAP/HTTP (JAX-M for WS-Routing) Big A2A Integrated App Families Web Services for XML Message WSDemo SOAP/HTTP (JAX-RPC) Web Services for RPC Small A2A Integrated Apps WSDemo ORB (RMI/IIOP) WS Demo Reusable Components Homogeneous Application Granularity Tighter Looser Extensive Limited

  10. SOA Benefits for GM Support Business Agility Speed: Faster deployment of new business direction Assemble and reassemble applications from reusable services Rapid integration with joint ventures, suppliers, dealers, branches, … Flexibility: Significantly expand the available pool of trading partners Commonize Continually Improving Business Execution Act as One Company: Shared services and business behavior Use the latest services as they are created (flexible extension) Reduced Business Interruptions Loose coupling improves availability and recovery for global distributed systems Core set of thoroughly tested, highly-available services

  11. SOA Benefits for GM IT Cost Savings Accomplish more with development budget Services reuse is aimed at GM’s outsourced model Business process modelers can assemble portions of application Faster development of new applications Recycle/migrate legacy applications as new services Reduction in sustaining costs Convert and merge legacy functionality into Web Services Reduction in deployment environment diversity Market-centric solution Component and SOA are the dominant complementary architectures: J2EE™ + WebServices + ebXML Increased competition among product vendors and software development vendors

  12. Purpose: Define GM’s Application Architecture and IT Standards for SOA; Evangelize Deliverables: Reusable Architectural Patterns and RI for WebServices and ebXML; Recommendations Approach: Enterprise-level IT provides SOA technology and methodology leadership Funding: Application Solutions Delivery corporate budget Key contributors: BEA, IBM, New Era of Networks and Sun GM’s development model: Mostly outsourced to Software Factories Buy before build; committed to open standards Legacy is dominant; most new development is for the J2EE™ platform Software Factory Enabler Project

  13. ebXML Applications at GM GM Approved XML Standards (Q1 2002) OAG BODs: XML Business Document Standard ebXML: B2B XML Technical Standard Application categories: Dealers: Inventory mgmt., financial data, parts OnStar: Vehicle on-board services Supply Chain: Purchasing and OTD Engineering Suppliers: Global concurrent engineering Finance: Loan/lease collaboration with branches Kicked off GM-Covisint B2B XML integration pilot using ebXML MSH (Q2 2002); Target completion in Q3 2002

  14. ebXML Architecture @ GM Michael Wheaton Sun Microsystems Inc.

  15. GM RI Architectural Features • Reference Architecture based on: • J2EE—Component Model • Basic Web Services (SOAP, WSDL, UDDI)—Services Layer • ebXML—Expose SOA to trading partners • Key Aspect—Multi-Tiered Choreography Engines • Loosely coupled web services applications in back end • Business process collaborations between trading partners • Allows for Declarative Development—XML document defines • New web services applications • New Trading Partner Agreements • New Business Process Collaborations

  16. ebXML Architecture Modules • MSH—Message Service Handler provides reliable message delivery • CPP/CPA—TP Service Discovery and Agreements defines protocols, security, timeouts, between trading partners • BPSS Collaboration—Business Process Specification Schema for managing collaboration between trading partners • CC XML Grammers—Core Components/Business Object Diagrams Industry standard (OAGIS/STAR) XML grammars • ebXML Registry and Repository—B2B Document Management System • Complete B2B web services framework—A complete specification with available implementations to extend an SOA to trading partners

  17. Private/Public Collaboration Descriptions ebXML Registry Repository Find Publish Primarily Design,Develop Time BPSSCPP/A Negotiate WS App CPA Mapping Converse MSH Transport ebXML Business ServiceInterface ebXML Business ServiceInterface BPML BPML App App B2B CollaborationBPSS/CPA - WS/J2EE - Legacy - COTS - Etc. - J2EE - CORBA - Legacy - COTS - Etc. ebXML Architecture at GM Trading Partner GM Des/Dev/Dep Time Run Time

  18. XML Document Management ebXML REGREP Registry • XML Registry + Repository • Life cycle management features • Query management engine • Security features includes digital signatures, user Ids • Classification of any type of object Interface Life CycleManager QueryManager Soap Authentication SecurityManager PersistenceManager Authorization Repository Database with RIM ExtrinsicObjectsBPSS, CPA, CC RegistryObjects Organization

  19. ebXML Architecture Details DMZ Legacy Apps B2B—Trading Partner EJBBusinessServices Internal Firewall Internet EJBBusinessServices DB ebXMLProcessServer ebXML ebXMLBSI ebXMLMSH SOAP Orchestration Services SOA Facade J2EE Application Server Container Business ProcessCollaboration COTSApps J2EE Web Container Legacy Apps Apps CPA BPSS

  20. Extending SOA With ebXML GM Architecture Portal Legacy Apps EJB WebService Internal Firewall Integration Services Browser EJB EJBBusinessServices ServletsJSPs DB Internet Security Services Orchestration Services Web Services Facade B2B—Trading Partner BPSSCollaboration J2EE Application Server Container ebXMLProcessServer ebMS ebXMLBSI ebXMLMSH COTSApps Legacy Apps J2EE Web Container Apps CPA BPSS

  21. ebXML Implementation @ GM Himagiri (Hima) Mukkamala Sybase

  22. AvailableVehicle Activity <<BusinessTransactionActivity>> Available Vehicle Activity DealerLocation Activity <<BusinessTransactionActivity>> Dealer Location Activity VehicleHistory Activity <<BusinessTransactionActivity>> VehicleHistory Activity PurchaseRequest Activity <<BusinessTransactionActivity>> Vehicle Purchase Request Activity PurchaseApproval Activity <<BusinessTransactionActivity>> VehiclePurchase Approval Activity Business Collaboration (BPSS) Power Designer Creates BPSS The B2B Collaboration may be composed of several business transactions The resulting sequence is captured in a BPSS [Business Error]

  23. AvailableVehicleQuery Document AvailableVehicleResponse Document Business Transaction Definition Messaging Reliability Request Available Vehicle Respond Available Vehicle ReceiptAck AcceptanceAck ReceiptAck [Technical Error] [Business Error] Technical Error Business Transactions define reliable messaging exchange between the two trading partners using acknowledgments, error handling, logging and roles Business Error

  24. Bulk Buying Trading Partner Agreement (CPA) Power Designer <<BinaryCollaboration>> Bulk UsedCar Buyers General Motors Trading PartnerAgreement (CPA) Business Process Specifications (BPSS) Bulk Buying Business Process Specifies Contains Check Vehicle Availability Dealer Location Vehicle History Submit PO Business Transactions Contains XML Messages Grammars DTDs

  25. Trading Partner Agreement (CPA) Web Services Integrator Manager

  26. Manage Industry Standard Payloads STARXML has defined Automotive Industry specific BODs—B2B Collaborations and the associated Payloads; Adopt/Adapt Industry Standards when feasible Reg/Rep helps manage BPSS, CPP, CPA, BODs and their associations

  27. Map ebXML to SOA DealerLocator DealerLocator Map To AvailableVehicle Activity Map To DealerLocation Activity DealerLocator e.g., Map DealerLocation Activity to the DealerLocator Web service Map To Business Analysts map B2B Transactions to the services available in Back-end Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) VehicleHistory Activity PurchaseRequest Activity Map To PurchaseApproval Activity Map To [Business Error] DealerLocator

  28. When to Consider ebXML B2B or large A2A Environments—Extending or integrating enterprise SOAs, or when loosely coupled messaging is desirable Need Reliable Messaging—When enterprise services perform updates, insert, or deletes to the underlying data model, reliable messaging becomes critical Security is a Concern—When different security profiles and requirements exist between trading partners High scalability requirements—ebXML’s loosely coupled messaging architecture allows for horizontal scalability, queueing, and clustering Want to Leverage Industry Standards—XML grammars, business process modeling and trading partner agreements

  29. SOA Demo Fred Falten, GM Himagiri (Hima) Mukkamala Michael Wheaton, Sun Microsystems

  30. ebXML RI at GM Reference Implementation Overview Sale of used vehicles in volume Use vehicle selection profile to find matching inventory of offered sales Make an offer for each inventory vehicle of interest Purchase confirmed after offer evaluated and credit check completed Two applications leveraging the WS & J2EE™ components for back-end services B2C application using JSP™ B2B application with automated transactions using CPA & BPSS Trading Partner GM Simulated (for conference) Test02 Test01 (OnLine 2000) (OnLine 2000) Sun iForce Site Digital Labs Router GTM Lab on 27th Floor Internet Internet sfepartner2 sfetest01 sfepartner sfetest02 sfepilot01 (Sun Solaris 8) (Sun Solaris 8) (Sun Solaris 8) (IBM AIX 5.1) (Windows 2000)

  31. ebXML RI at GM ebXML Reference Implementation Demonstration Web Services Reference Implementation Demonstration Business Activity Description Live Monitoring of Server-side Invocations

  32. DEMO

  33. Next Steps for SOA at GM Path forward for GM: 4Q2002: Enhance the RI: Throughput and performance benchmarks for WS and ebXML Incorporate BODs into RI Standardize products and process for SOA: Guidelines for integration (data vs. behavior) Formalize the use of UDDI and Registry Mentor WS and ebXML pilot projects GM standards for choreography and collaboration management Funding model accepted across IT divisions

  34. Next Steps for SOA at GM Path forward for GM (Cont.): During 2003: Standards incorporated: Select standards for ‘Business Transaction Management’ for ebXML and ‘XA’ for WS (WS-Transactions and OASIS BTP) Incorporate seamless security (WS-Security and ebXML Security) Expedite delivery of AIAG and STAR Core Components Modify GM’s development process: To optimize ROI of WS and collaborations created by Software Factory To leverage SOA reuse, integration, and migration in outsourced model To establish a enterprise, SOA team to manage the creation/reuse of: WS across each division of IT BPSS and CPP across trading partners Key Production Projects: Complete ebXML application with an existing Trading partner using STAR BODS

  35. Q&A Fred Falten General Motors Aditya Thadani General Motors Hima Mukkamala Sybase Mike Vella Sun Microsystems Mike Wheaton Sun Microsystems

  36. Service-Oriented Architectures at General Motors Mike Vella Web Service Business Development SMI, Market Development Engage the Web Services Pilot Team to advance your business!

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