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Managing Community Facilities Lynn Molleson and David Henderson, COSS Advisors PowerPoint Presentation
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Managing Community Facilities Lynn Molleson and David Henderson, COSS Advisors

Managing Community Facilities Lynn Molleson and David Henderson, COSS Advisors

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Managing Community Facilities Lynn Molleson and David Henderson, COSS Advisors

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  1. Managing Community Facilities Lynn Molleson and David Henderson, COSS Advisors Hannah MacSween Muir of Ord Development Manager

  2. Mission Driven Approach to Facilities Management A strategic approach to managing your asset with the aim of using your asset as a tool to deliver your organisation’s mission, vision and objectives and to uphold your organisation’s values.

  3. Setting your Building in Context • Why do you own the building? • What role will/does it play in delivering your mission and achieving your vision? • What other activities do you deliver?

  4. Meanwhile management -over the last 4 years Ambition to develop a community hub with a creative arts focus from saved Rockfield School in Oban: • Setting up a pay-for car park and a charity shop to generate an income • Using huts in the playground to build up the supporters and volunteers, engaging people in grant-funded activity. • Developing and honing the local services for the community • Raising the massive funds needed for the capital redevelopment work • Learning how to manage the staff and the volunteers.

  5. Meanwhile Management – TullibodyCivic Centre • Tullibody Community Development Trust, formed as a SCIO in 2017 from the Save our Park action group. • The 1950s built Civic Centre, local park and car park were threatened with closure and sale. • The TCDT negotiated a peppercorn lease with the local council in late 2018 to use the Civic Centre. • They have secured SLF Stage 1 funding for a full redesign of the centre and are negotiating an asset transfer for the full title. • This meanwhile use has allowed them to build up an income from rental, learn how to manage the building and respond to local needs – opening the centre at weekends and in the evening for events and classes. We are now taking bookings online and spaces are filling up quickly – if you want to book a room please go to:

  6. Managing an asset is not without risk Who is legally responsible for managing risk? You Are! It’s the responsibility of directors/trustees.

  7. Managing Risk • Risk - the potential that a chosen action/activity (including inaction) will lead to a loss (an undesirable outcome) • Risk assessment - process of identifying all the factors, events, and situations which could present risk • Riskanalysis - the process of sorting, scoring and ranking the identified risks as the basis for making informed and responsible decisions about how to handle them • Risk management - processes, including development strategies and methods to avert or minimise these risks, and take steps to avoid further risk.

  8. Managing Risk • Requirement of charity/company law: • charities – if accounts audited must have Risk Management Statement • incorporated charities must have a description of principal risks in annual review • Legal requirement – 5 or more employees you must have a health and safety policy and risk assessment • Legal defence • Requirement of funders • Can be a really useful exercise in terms of asset management.

  9. Managing Risk – Types of Risk

  10. Managing Risk – Risk Assessment

  11. Module 6 – An Overview of Facilities Management

  12. Module 6 – An Overview of Facilities Management For each of these tasks set down clearly… • What is required • Who will arrange it • Who will do it • Staff/volunteer or contractor?

  13. Financial Systems & Management

  14. What Else Does Module 6 Cover? • Environmental management • Growth strategies – 44% of third sector income is from selling goods and services (SCVO, 2017) • Organisational capacity and development • Key Performance Indicators • Measuring social impact.

  15. Managing, Maintaining & Sustaining Additional resources: • Keystone: • HSE community halls checklist: • First Aid: • Church of Scotland: • Employers: • Fire safety: • Safeguarding: • Licensing:

  16. Thank You